How Nerdy are you?

let´s see if you are a real nerd. I didnt do so well, got only 13%, so Im not a real nerd. :wink:




53% :rolleyes:

im comfortable being part of only 1% with the same score - at least im a unique “lightly nerdy” person :bigsmile:

I had the same with my score of 15%. :rolleyes:


d’oh well…we’re all “special” anyway.

54% My wife was right.

Hmm, 8%

well i seem to be avarage
was strugling to answer without being sarcastic on some of the questions like the compressed air

W00t! 92% Beat that!

Scary thing is that I actually answered honestly. :eek: I actually like the nerd test at the armory better (the home of the official and original purity tests)… … the questions for that one were written for MIT students, so I don’t score as high and thus don’t look as bad (or good, depending on your POV ;))

This test says “Apply for a professorship at MIT now!!!”… but I’m sure that most students at MIT would probably get that same score. And real MIT profs would be off the charts. So the armory’s test is better. :slight_smile:

35% for me.
Maybe it’s cause all the “homework” questions were 35 years out of date for me…?

It would have been very different if I were in the US.

Here is the result of your Nerd Purity Test.
You answered “yes” to 36 of 100 questions, making you 64.0% nerd pure (36.0% nerd corrupt); that is, you are 64.0% pure in the nerd domain (you have 36.0% nerd in you).
Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 35%, based on a comparison of your test results with 378675 other submissions for this test.

The average purity for this test is 73.7%.
The first submission for this test was received June 16, 1994.
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The purity test SCORING SYSTEM is maintained by John DuBois (
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I corrected professors, but not in a computer science class, but in an English class and others and once it was unfortuatenly a very old woman who seemed to read only melodrama and poems like most South Korean women.

Do you own more than $500 in electronics (excluding stereo)?

There are so many who spend more than US$30,000 on speakers and amplifiers alone. Too easy to spend as much on computers and electronics. Samsung is displaying the 102-inch TV in Las Vegas. SDI completed its development in mid-December of last year

Bill Gates seems to like it.

3 :confused:

I love #40 on the armory’s nerd test. I actually bought one of those shirts when I was visiting MIT just because of that question. :wink:

And I actually have less than $2500 of electronics. Both of my computers are very old and not worth much. My trusty graphing calculator. A small flash MP3 player that I got for very cheap (pricing error ;)). An old black and white cell phone from 2001. And that’s about it. I don’t watch TV much (what’s what the Internet is for), I don’t have a stereo system (I just use my computer for that; about to have no need for audio CDs as I convert all my audio CDs into MP3 DVDs), I don’t have a standalone DVD player hooked to a TV (once again, computer).

(BTW, I scored 38% pure / 62% corrupt on the armory test; better than the 92% corrupt on the other one)

74% Nerdy :slight_smile:

"I am nerdier than 74% of all people.
Oh yeah … Nerd dance

my result from the Armory test (im 69% nerd-pure…woohoo):

Here is the result of your Nerd Purity Test.

You answered “yes” to 31 of 100 questions, making you 69.0% nerd pure (31.0% nerd corrupt); that is, you are 69.0% pure in the nerd domain (you have 31.0% nerd in you).
Your Weirdness Factor (AKA Uniqueness Factor) is 27%, based on a comparison of your test results with 378675 other submissions for this test.
The average purity for this test is 73.7%.

59% here (32% on code’s site)

South Korean version would include questions like these:

  1. Do you visit Yongsan more than once in a year?

  2. More than once in a month?

  3. More than once in a week?

  4. Have you ever moved your own home just to be close to Yongsan?

  5. Do you connect to the internet more than once in a day?

  6. Do you have computers running 24x365 at home, office, and/or school connected 24x365 to the internet?

  7. Do you buy at least one 200GB HDD every week to backup the terabytes of movies and animations you download from them?

  8. Do you use the pieces of furniture meant for shoes and clothes to store your thoussands of HDDs and DVDs?

  9. Do you have no place to lie on and to sleep on because of all the computers, the bare components, and DVD disks?

  10. Do you wash your body and hair like once in two months and eat only ramyeon one or two times in a day and nothing else?

  11. Do you talk only about how a Winchester core works compared to a Prescott core with your girlfriends and cousins and aunts?

  12. Do you visit seminars, factories, announcements, expositions related to computer hardware products more than once a week on average?

  13. Are you bankrupt because of the computer components you buy?

  14. Do you have more than 10 credit cards and bank accounts out of credit because of it?

  15. Have you refused to attend your school classes more than 100 times in a year because of computer games?

  16. Are you happier to be with male-only community members at some beer bar or public parks from 6 PM to 6 AM or for a few days talking about how great your PC is and how fast your ATi cards are and how many types of microprocessors you have in your collection than to be with mostly females at a nightclub or to be with your family watching how your 3-month-old niece grow?

I could think of hundreds of such questions. Most questions are too culture-dependent like most questions in IQ tests.