How Much You Bought Your Gsa-4166b?



Dear CDFreaks friends, this is Syne from China,

I’d like to know how much you bought your GSA-4166B in your country/state

And does any one here welcome me? hehe



in Germany, prices start from about 48€ (1€ = 1,20 US$) for bulk versions. See here:

and yes, welcome here :slight_smile:


Welcome !
Same in France, 47.90 euros, lower price now for bulk version.

I bought my 4166 box version in December for nearly 60 euros.


$69.00 at Sams Club


thanks everybody, sorry forgot to ask the warranty for it.
In China now it’s still not on sale, just saw someone bought GSA-20L(same with GSA-4166B) in Singapore IT Show at 109 S$ =545RMB, I believe in China it will be around 500RMB also, nevertheless, most of the time, we have only one year warranty…think should ask again 4164B, 4167B price, these two styles we have same retail version at shop/market.

You know I saw a tip
GSA 4166b… Woo Hoo !
remi1au, LG DVD Burner

very envy for the service, that’s why I want to check the price/warranty difference.

To tell you something, I bought a new GWA-4166B bulk version at 280RMB in Jan.2006, now flashed to GSA-4166B, and now join you:D




The 4166B and H20L are not the same drive. The H20L is a newer model meant to replace the 4166B. Someone in another forum already tried flashing his H20L with 4166B firmware because he thought it was the same drive. He killed his writer doing that.


AUD75 in Sydney, Australia :slight_smile: