How much would you consider a good deal for DL blanks?

What is your rule of thumb when purchasing blank media and I mean devent name brands ? For me, 25 to 35 cents a piece of single layer blank disc is considered a good price range.

I have never purchased DL blanks and woud like your comments and advices on a good price range to consider.

Many thanks in advance,


A “good deal” depends a lot on which country you are in. I’m assuming that you’re in the US.

I suggest that people who post what they consider a fair price, also indicate what country they are in - either in the post or in the “Location” field in their profile.

See i only stick to verb mkms which i average about 50 pence to £1.10 depending where their from etc , but i will use and buy other dual layers last week i got a 25 pack of arita dual layers for 9 quid i couldnt resist even for give aways they were nice :slight_smile:

Depends on the blank disks. If Memorex wants me to use their DL media they are going to have to pay me.

For Verbatim, made in Singapore, $1.50 to $2.00 per disk seems to be a fair price. (in the US)

Memorex couldn’t pay me enough. I am in Region #1 Canada, I picked up my MIS Verbatim 20 pack spindles for $19.95 per & just recently picked up some Philips MIT 25 pack spindles for $19.99 per. I will only buy DLs when they are on sale & then stock up.

For dual layer Verbatim, $1.25 or less per disk is a good deal.

For dual layer media under other brands, never pay more than $0.75 per disk.

So, for example, a 20-pack of Verbatim DL for $25 would be a good deal.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t pay more than $15 for a 20-pack of any other brand of DL media.

Those are just my personal guidelines. Others may allow for a slight bit more inflated pricing.

Keep in mind that my pricing on the Verbatim assumes 2.4x-6x disks. 8x-12x disks will be more expensive.

The only good deal on DL media is Verbatim. That is, if you need it to last more than a few weeks.