How much work do you do at work?

Okay, in this thread you MUST be honest. Assuming you work an 8 hour day, how many hours do you actually work? No one I work with has given me an honest answer cause they’re too paranoid. Surfing the net does not count.

On the average, I’d say I do about 3 - 3.5 hours of solid work a day. Sometimes more (rarely), sometimes less. :smiley:

i’m in college and work at a video store. when i’m there for 8 hours i’m working hard for 8 hours.

it sounds stupid, but you’d be surprised how much shit there is to do…and it’s not like i’m hiding behind a desk. if i’m not doing work, it’s VERY obvious that i’m not doing work…

i can’t wait to graduate and get a “real” job where i don’t have to work as much :stuck_out_tongue:

3 hours average

I used to work at a video store when all we had was vhs and even some betas. Didn’t know what the “internet” was way back then. That was a full 8 hour day to say the least. Glad I don’t have to put up with that crap anymore.

i honestly work…2 hours a day…:slight_smile:

lmao oh wait thats sleep…

most days around 8 hours…sometimes its more like 18…depending on what projects are close to deadlines…

at least 8 hours…I just keep going until I have at least 8 hours to account for…

The wonderful world of charging clients by the hour…at ridiculous rates…
But the pay is good :wink:

dupe post man database is messed up today or what

What work? I don’t live in India :rolleyes:

When I worked for others about 2 hrs a day. When I was near a deadline, wait the 2hrs was when I was up against a deadline.

When I worked for myself as a consultant from12 to 18 hrs a day.

Since I have been semi-retired about 1 hr a day.

None… I am in the process of being retired due to ill-health…more specifically I’m nuts!
(nervous breakdown)

Well keep in mind I’m on the clock for 12 hours a day and work in a plastics production facility where different products can run for days or weeks at a time and each product requires a different amount of actual work…usually 6-8 depending on the product.

Depends on your definition of work … I do lots of lighting simulations … whereby I spend 4 hrs solid working & then I get a 1hr break while it’s calculating.
In the 1hr break, I surf the web, or throw a few phrases into IRC, while chasing up various IT issues that have cropped up in the last 24 hrs, but all have minimal interaction, but maximum waiting periods :stuck_out_tongue:

But on average 7-8hrs.

Depends on what I choose to do.

  1. a few hours per week, pay OK
  2. 100 hours per week, minimum wage, worst humans around

Since the divorce on Feb 14, I still have to wait more till April 10 when I’ll start moving back to Seoul (before or after job interviews.) What I don’t know is whether I can truly recover just by getting another job, job or family, that is.

Depends on the work pressure…

5 - 14 hours i guess

Out of 8 hours, I work about 7.5 or so. Yes there’s little time for messing around…

Easy, I teach Kindergarten for free. In an 8 hour day I work 10 hours. But I don’t consider it work. I wouldn’t do it if it weren’t a blast.

I dont work (yet) but next month I start my new job :bigsmile: hopefully ill be able to work tired because its 6am to 11am every day, and it takes 40 mins to get there :stuck_out_tongue:

I work in a photo lab. We’ve been really slow lately. So probably 1-2hrs max. :slight_smile: