How much VHS to one DVD?

I have many, many VHS tapes to convert to DVD. I have a panasonic DVR. I was wondering how I would know how many tapes I can burn to 1 DVD? thanks for any help :slight_smile:

depends on the quality.

for something that will add minimal artifacting, i would say it’s safe to assume you’ll get 2 hours from a single layer disc, and 4 hours from a dual layer.

There are data rates higher than this, but they’ll be of little use considering your source material.

Depending on what type of DVD Recorder you have there will be settings for the dvd. For example, my dvd recorder has record settings of XP (1 hour) SP (2 hour) and LP (4 hour). My recorder also has a tool called flexible recording, where if a show is 1.5 hours you can set it to record there instead of using the 2 hour record.

Look in the manual for the record quality settings for your player.

It depends on the size and type of TV you are using, the bitrate, the quality of the original vhs tape… I have 4 hours of video on 1 dvd, and the quality isn’t great, but it is acceptable to me. The original quality wasn’t all that good to begin with, so I didn’t lose that much.

But normally 2 - 2 1/2 hours per dvd is optimal. Just experiment a bit and see how much you can get and have it still be acceptable quality for you…

If it’s footage you shot, use a higher bitrate to accomodate camera movement, ‘graininess’ and other hard to encode video noise. Blank DVDs are relatively cheap so 1 hour is best if you want to edit it. If they are commercially produced movies you should be able to put one movie to a disk just fine. TV shows somewhere in between.