How much to you spend on music per month?

On average, over the last year or so.

I dont do music. It just gets old for me. Here locally they play the same thing all the time. I prefer talk radio. The only cd’s I get are the one for the kids and walmart tends to have them pretty cheap. Usally stuff like Dora the Explorer and Kidz Bop and stuff like that.

I might buy 1-2 cds in a year, because most of the stuff is so low-quality. Most of mine is in Spanish anyway, so that limits me to Maná, Ednita Nazario, Myriam Hernández, Santana, and an occasional one from Joe Satriani or Steve Vai (I hated Vai’s recent release, whereas Satriani’s was excellent).

I resent the fact you assume that people that don’t spend money on music are music thieves.

I don’t listen to music much. I certainly don’t find anything on the market even slightly appealing, and I’ve never downloaded any music from legal sources & haven’t downloaded any music otherwise since I left Uni :stuck_out_tongue:

I will not be particpating in this poll.

So do I!

excelent reply dont you think the recording studios steal from us and the artists exspecialy new artistes i dont know for sure but i’d bet it costs less to press a disc than burn one so how much profit do they actually make :a

Building a mold for disk pressing costs… I don’t know, about a couple of a hundred euros, pounds, bucks. The raw resource required to create the disk are almost neligible.

Think of popular CDs and DVDs. They can hammer those by the hundreds. The more popular said disk, the closer the production cost per disk will converge towards the base component cost of one of these disks. Now, I’m not countng in the cost of legally applying the copyrighted material put on disks, but trust me that these companies churn out an astronomical profit.

The record companies would have us believe the money made by CD pirates goes to fund the drug industry. But the money rock stars make from legal record sales end up in exactly the same place, when they stop breaking the law so will i!

That’s an excellent point … Most Artists are drug users … money which ends up in the hands of drug runners & organised crime.
How about we highlight this one next time the RIAA bring that up :wink:

In the 60’s I used to spend as much as I could afford every week.
I have a collection of about 100 lp’s and 120-150 cd’s and various tapes.
My nephew has more than 10 times of each as me.
I’ve given up buying modern music as most of it stinks and the good stuff is overpriced.
I don’t mind record companies making a profit because that’s what business is about, however I feel that they just charge what the market will stand in which ever country they’re selling in. This means that the US pays pro rata less than the UK for the same product. Like jfrf23 I listen mostly to talk radio especially when radio 7 is running detective plays and comedy.

my brothers band got 1000 cds pressed, with insert art and cases, shrinkwrapped for about 1300 $ american.

I used to spend a lot. Now I buy only what I really want. No time for listening. Just in the car.

Lol, my 4 1/2 yr CD-less music streak has ended :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought 4x Audio CD’s yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:
(at a Discount Shop though)