How much time?

I’d like to know how much time is generally required for burning a copy of a full cd ~650MB using CloneCd 4. I have a 667Mhz PIII with 256MB RAM and a Ultra ATA 100 HD running Win98 SE. My Cd Reader is a generic 48x and my writer is a HP 9110i (4x). I tried to clone one of my cd’s and after 1 full hour it said I had only completed 1% on the Overall progress bar. This was still in the initial “reading session 1 from CD” section too. That seemed like an inordinate amount of time…it did still seem to be working, but nothing else on my computer could be used during the process and I couldn’t wait any longer so I aborted. If anyone can shed some light on this for a new user I’d really appreciate it since I’m hoping it doesn’t take a whole month to make just one backup copy of my MOHAA cd.

Thanks a lot!!


It can even take longer sometimes.
This has nothing to do with your system, only with your reader/writer. of which you did not include any info (what you are trying to backup might be useful to know as well, as well as the operating system you use)

safedisc is probably the culprit.

you forgot to put in your edit what you are copying. that was kind of amusing, reading taxman’s post and wondering what he was talking about, til i noticed the edited

that was kind of amusing, reading taxman’s post and wondering what he was talking about, til i noticed the edited

it through me to :smiley: :smiley:

Look at the clone cd website and see if your writer is supported if not, try another piece of software but i am afraid that it will be tricky.
You can also use the search on defeting safedisc

It turned out that it took a bunch of hours (not sure exactly since I went to bed), but the copy was finally made by the morning. Turned out after further research, that the copy of MOHAA would only work and get past the Splash screen if Daemon Tools was running on the pc. It seems that my writer, an HP 4x4x24 IDE CDR/RW is only rated to write EFM Bits “almost correctly” according to the clonecd hardware compatibility list, thus accounting for the freezing at splashscreen. It works with the Daemon Tools so I’m happy though. It pays to research I guess.

I still never got even a rough estimate from anyone regarding the issue of time to clone using clonecd, but I thank everyone for trying to help me. Looks like the only thing to do is set it an forget it when you go to sleep and in the morning the image is done.


with my setup about 20 minutes (toshiba 1202 (or something I don’t know the exact number))


There is a simple answer to this. Different cd’s will take different amounts of time. Sometimes it might take 5 minutes or it might take 5 hours. If the cd has a form of copy protection, scratches, or its dirty, figure it has to read through those to make an image.

try fastdump on daemon tools, it should help your read times out

takes me 3 mins to copy a cd with 24 x

my burner is one of those cheap ones, i think, but it works for everything i’ve tried…

Originally posted by SliverX
takes me 3 mins to copy a cd with 24 x…
LOL, it must be my ASUS CRW-4012A rebadged as a 24x

I remember CloneCD 1.x I tried to backup settlers 3 which is very hard to read.

I used an afreey 56X CD-ROM and a mitsumi CR-4804TE at that time.

It used over 73 hours to complete the image file. I’m not kidding, it’s true!!! 3 whole days!!!

Then I wrote the disc in 20 minutes (@ 4X) and the backup worked :smiley:

Geez 73 hours…Did you just leave the computer alone for 3 days??

settlers being the one with the spikes on it? geez, 73 hours.