How much time do you spend with your family?

Mmmmmmmmm no doubt they’re very pretty :iagree: , but I don’t think they can beat allypuss. No way. :smiley:

Thank god my parents don’t live that close. I’d be purchasing a shotgun and point it at the same window. Not that i hate them, but if i saw them 24/7 i surely would get frustrated.

@Mr B, debro and Namoh
I’ve seen Norty’s two girls, they are indeed very pretty, just like there mum.

Hmm, any more info? :slight_smile:

when I get home around 17:00 i usually cook with my mom (we live alone, parents divorced), and eat dinner, around 18:30-19:00 i go upstairs and go behind my PC. then around 22:30 i go down stairs to drink some tea with my mom, she goes to bed around 23:00 or so i go to bed 30 min later usually, so around 2 1/2 hours, we both have full time jobs now so… :slight_smile:


Isn’t she too young for you? (Namoh 30 years old or what?)

My parents are visiting my home on Monday next week. Last time I saw them is October 1 so it’s been less than 10 weeks since then. My wife changed too much part of my life. I wasn’t really ready to have a son or a daughter until I am 45 or 50 years old, for instance. (Though there was already one miscarriage in 2000 and another in 2003.)

I would have liked to shoot anyone who smokes within 100 meters from my daughter and wife. Last time we were at my parents’ home near Gwangju, father often smoked in the living room. At one moment, I found him smoking less than 2 meters from my daughter and it was my mother who placed her there maybe about 30 minutes before. I brought her back to the room we stayed. He improved very much since our Brother #1 got his first son in 1996, but that’s how he is always. Compared to him, one of my father-in-law’s former jobs was head of some government agency that inspects food and other things for health and safety issues, still reading a lot in languages from Japanese to French and sending all kinds of things for her only daughter and only grand-daughter (like diapers and calcium/mineral/vitamins.) Two too different grandfathers.

Are you talking about Allypuss?
I just turned 28, Allypuss is 23 could work perfectly. :iagree:

Sorry to hear that. :sad: That just sucks.
Thank god, that you now have a beautiful and healthy daughter and number 2 coming. :iagree:

Hopefully everything is going right this time also. :iagree:

Confused. (Thought she was 14 when posting it.)

No #2, one miscarriage and one surgery between June 2003 and April 2004 were enough risks for my wife. I only allowed it because she was already very old (33 but her cerebral palsy makes some of her biology very old) and she might hate herself more without a baby. There were enough dangerous moments that I told her enough times to kill it/her during the pregnancy and everytime I did it, she tried to kill herself first instead so there was no turning back indeed. For that matter, I have much bigger fear of the coming time than the Sam in I am Sam. Posting some pictures and video here doesn’t mean things are OK in South Korea. Byungshin (disease body) is a Korean word to call disabled people which is used to dishonor others more severely than SOB’s or motherfuckers in the English language. So that’s how people treat my wife though no one makes it too obvious on the surface of daily communication. Would you want to be in a hospital that treats you as one cutting your flesh and bones?

you were talking about asian and european cultural differences in another thread right?

That part of asian culture always makes me pretty mad, people with a disablilty or otherwise challenged are treated as outcasts of society, that is very wrong, in europe it’s different, sure we make fun of them now and then (admit it, everybody does sometimes, harmless or not) but not accepting people for something that is out of their control, and simply not their fault is very sickening to me, really.

all i can say is that i spend a lot of time with my parents, 2-5 h a day…

This is not enough, i alwais feel guilty when go out with my friends or when i’m on the cpu, because you see, my mom has heart problems, and she could die anytime for no apparent reason, so i dont want to remember my moms last moments as me being on the cpu…

take advantage of your parents while they are still around, cause when they are gone, you’ll regret it…

I’m at college so I only see my family like once every two months. I am with you Fury. . . I will plant the bomb in the RIAA/MIAA and we can both run like hell!!! :slight_smile:

your on, who else?

Unfortunately, in this culture, guns and rifles are also monopolized by the central government and only some Marxist groups used some primitive (but deadly) firebombs against them. One can only get more insane, or pray to gods, or think less about it.

New Year’s Day (of lunar calendar) coming soon. Air tickets cost about 30% more from Feb. 4 to Feb 13 but I can’t stay from Feb. 3 to Feb. 14 in Gwangju. Maybe I’ll bring one of my slim PC to use during the holiday. VDSL installed there but not as easy and fast as FTTH. It will my daughter’s 6th and 7th flights. :slight_smile: Korean Air reduced the mileage per flight from 500 points to 220 (to Busan) and 170 (to Gwangju.) :frowning:

As much time as possible besides work because my 3 sons take up any spare time that i might have…

(in advance) Happy New Year Kenny. :iagree: