How much time do you spend with your family?

I think I made enough people bored with my stories (though I have books more to tell in the coming days.)

I rarely visited my parents during the years I lived alone from Feb. 1996 to April 2003. (From time to time, I let my younger brother or my friend SH to live with me because they wanted to save their expense.) It was my intention not to see them again 10 or 15 years ago but I’m human enough to be extremely inconsistent and contradictory.

From mid-April 2003 to this day, I think I spent over 90% of the hours with my wife less than 15 meters away. From late-April 2004 to this day, over 95% at least with my daughter less than 5 meters away. I’m paranoid enough not to stay too much away.

Family can be described in many ways…Immediate family?

Yes. Father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister. Only the closest.

Including grandparents, nephews, sisters-in-law, I would easily have hundreds like all South Koreans. My wife’s grandfather seems to had more than 3 wives (at once), 10 sons/daughters from whom there are now hundreds of offsprings, and there’s also her grandmother side, and my grandfather, my mother’s parents… Many ancient kings, princes, nobles, godfathers had thousands of family members.

I’m at home studying, (and browsing forums) with my 10 month old son. I spend maybe 3hours a week away from him. (at the pub recouping) My wife works 9 hours a day 5 days a week, but we spend most of her free time together. ( unless shes at the pub recouping) My other family lives 1300Km away, I see them twice a year. My inlaws live 12,000Km’s away never met them. (lucky me) Had to throw in a picture of my boy.

My daughter’s 7.5 months old. Your son has much bigger hands!

I saw her video footage (and your avatar) shes gorgeous. Funny thing was my son was 5 weeks premature yet came out at nearly 4 Kg. Hes now 13Kg. Maybe one day they could get together for a playdate.:slight_smile:

Hm. She was 2.13kg when she was 32 weeks and 3 days old.

(Only two persons there used English names, Kenny and Cindy. Cindy’s one of my former collegues who’s now in the Philippinnes teaching children.) This thread was created while I was in that hospital.

She now weighs 7.5kg.

My parents like(d) to drop in uninvited. Last weekend they saw a side of me they rather hadn’t see in their entire life. Maybe that’ll teach them what privacy really is.

Otherwise, the familiy doesn’t really care how i am (as long as i’m healthy). I have my life and they have their own. I do spent time with them, but it’s not on my top priority list.

My parents live 800Km’s north … my siblings live 1/2 between me and my parents…

I see my parents, maybe 2 weeks a year (usually Xmas), my siblings probably 1 weekend every month.

Hmm I have dinner at my parents once a week and my sister visits me once every few weeks (we live quite some km’s from each other and are both very busy) so I guess it’s less than 7 hours a week. I think that this week is the only week since a couple of months that I’ve seen my parents for more than 7 hours, as I had to install all their christmas lights…

I forgot there were both married people and unmarried people here. :slight_smile:

And also people who still live with parents.

And also people who still live with parents.
God no how unimaginable. (for me) I moved out 11 years ago, when I was 16, and never looked back. When I was single I didnt see them for 4 years. (they are strictly religious and I’m strictly not) I have a mate whos 34 and never moved out never lived on his own and cant function without his mummy. I’ll put him down for a 10+ :slight_smile:

My parents live 2km from me and my sister (incl. husband and 2 kids) live about 6km from me.

I see my parents once a week and my sister once a month, that’s more than enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

You already installed christmas lights :eek: :eek: , Sinterklaas is still in the country. Naughty, naughty boy you’re going with St. Nicolaas to Spain! :wink: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Install doesn’t equivale illuminate eh? :slight_smile:

I had some spare time, that’s why :smiley:

I visit my mum maybe everyother month she lives quite a distance from me and i work although i talk to her on teh phone weekly…my daughters who are 21 and 26 i see maybe 4 or 5 times a year they also live quite a distance and like myself they work again i speak regulary on the telephone and we are in constant touch via emails and messenger

Are they just as goodlooking as allypuss? :stuck_out_tongue: :o

As any mum would do, you would give us these email and messenger id’s for us beautiful nerds. Wouldn’t you? Sure you would! :bigsmile:

LOL @Mr in a word…No!:stuck_out_tongue:
@Namoh…im biased of course they are;)

You’d say that even if your daughters looked like me :stuck_out_tongue:

My parents live in the next street, so i see them nearly every day. In fact i can wave to my mum from my kitchen window, and point to the kettle for her to make me a cup of tea, and be down there before the kettle is boiled.

@Mr B, debro and Namoh
I’ve seen Norty’s two girls, they are indeed very pretty, just like there mum.