How much space required for LabelFlash on NEC 4551

And now a question for you people who have used the LabelFlash feature for making labels on the data side of a normal DVD+/-R (a.k.a. the Disc T@2 feature).

As far as I can see there has to be a lot of room left on a DVD in order for Nero to allow burning a label to the disc. Even a disc containing 3.57 GB of data doesn’t seem to have enough space left for the label according to Nero, whereas I have managed to put a label on a disc with approximately 3 GB of data (approx 1.5 GB free space).

Is anyone else seeing this same behaviour, and is there any way to convince Nero to be less strict about the required space for a disc label?

I also asked this question in this thread, but I’m assuming it drowned between countless other posts about how to enable LabelFlash in Nero, so please forgive me for what is technically a double-post.

Not direct experience, but as it may be the same as Disc T@2 for CDs, you have already the answer - you must leave enough room…no kidding, as it will depend on the info you wanna put on Label.
LabelFlash is not meant to “print” the data side. This being just a subsidiary facility, and data side not being made to offer you the best “reading” conditions (you have to choose a “colour” that allows some visibility to ouy labels), but suppose that it will “read” the surface and show you a circle with the space available for LF. If you have recorded data, this will be a “ring” tha will become smaller as you increase the recorded data amount.
You just have to adjust your label to fit within the usable circle - either using the “bend”, the image resize or the letter size tags, under the Nero’s appropriate windows.

agomes, I understand what you’re saying, but I already know that the text or graphics i put on the Disc T@2 label has to fit within the free space on the DVD, but I get a “DVD+R - no space left” warning in the LabelFlash window even before I try to add anything unless there’s a lot of room left on the DVD.

Here’s a screen shot of a multi-session DVD+R that still has 880 MB free space left, but even that is not enough to enable LabelFlashing in Nero:

I have a disc that has 3.43GB used on it and I can create a label. My disc is finalized and you said yours was a multisession, was the disc finalized? as this could be why :slight_smile:

I have tried numerous discs I have burned @ 3.63gb it says not enough space - so we know it is somewhere between 3.43gb and 3.63gb :smiley:


I have a 3.49gb disc and it will let me burn a label, it looks like it needs around 5mm of space.

My disc wasn’t closed. Now I have tried closing it twice in Nero, and the closing seems to finish, but after ejecting and loading the disc Nero still claims that the disc is open. ImgBurn gives me an error when I try to close the disc.

Any other suggestions for (freely available) tools that can close a disc?


Nevermind the tool to close a disc - I did it in another way using Nero.

After closing the disc I still don’t have space left for a LabelFlash Disc T@2 label however - same warning as before.


I’m not in a position to replicate your situation, but the message you’ve got made a bell ring to me: it says “DVD+R - no space left” and the only disc available in the market till now happens to Fuji DVD-R, will it make a dif?
Just a guess…as in these formats war we never know…

besides this refers to the “appropriate” side of the disc, we never know how NEC/FUJI asked Nero to implement it, or even at firmware level.

Also here:
Ridisc DVD-R were used.

An indication DVD+R was given here:
But with poor results by the time (see post #60 down the page).

I’m curious about it myself.
Good luck DrageMester

The issue of whether there’s space enough left on the data side of a DVD to make a Disc T@2 (LabelFlash) label doesn’t seem to be related to whether a DVD-R or DVD+R disc is used. I can add a label to a DVD+R disc provided that there’s enough space left.

The question is really how much free space is needed, which we currently have an indication of from elfdood and myself (0.95 GB is enough, 0.81 GB is not enough), and whether there is some way to change this.

I have looked in the registry for Nero settings relating to LabelFlash but I haven’t found anything yet.

So right now it seems that approx. 0.9 GB of free space on the DVD is needed in order to add a label to the data side.

If I add a text label to the data side of a DVD it is plainly visible with as good contrast as can be expected given the circumstances.

Also it is an obligation as a CD Freak to fiddle around with new features - whether they are practical or not! :bigsmile:

Thanks DrageMester, good to know that plus or minus doesn’t matter.
And, of course you’re right about the efforts to get the best from new features.

Page 21, inner radius max 53mm (= +/-3.4GB) :iagree:

I just confirmed that a DVD+R disc with 3449 MB (3.36 GB) written to it (1034 MB free space) and an inner radius of 53mm (5mm free) could be labeled using Disc T@2.

But the “record” still belongs to elfdood for being able to tatoo a DVD with 3.49 GB already used.