How much shelf life disc have?

  1. If i buy a Spindle CD pack (cake pack)
    But i wont gonna use it very often, this may be in my closet for up to 2 years untill i’ll finish use all of the CD’s (less or more)
    for how long can the CD in the Spindle can last?

What i mean is, how much shelf life they will have untill they become worn out?

  1. And another thing: In the Spindle pack, when the CD’s are all over each other… they wont get any damaged for being like that, right?

  2. For how much years can Vebratim Pastel CD can last until they are cannot be of any use?

Ah. The unanswerable question. Some may still be fine after two or three years in storage, some will fail to burn. Same as with burned media. Most manufacturers were advertising 100+ years life after burning, but they don’t promise anything now that it has been discovered that some CDR/DVDR media (even top brands!) don’t last more than a year or two after burning.

It’s basically a game of pot luck. Keeping them in a dark dry place may help the longevity of the media. Storing in the spindle tubs shouldn’t have any detrimental effects on the media.

I agree with you about storage, but humidity and temperature are also a factor.
As for life, well that all depends on the above but I have some cd’s burned more than 5 years ago and they still seem fine. (Haven’t got a drive that scans).
If you buy good quality media and store them properly then I see no trouble in store for you.
If you are worried about shelf life why not just buy 50 or 10?

I’m sory weedougie, i did not understand your last question:
“If you are worried about shelf life why not just buy 50 or 10?”

And I’m storing my CD’s in pitch-dark dry wood closet, in side a close plastic Spindle.
And the CD’s im using the legendary Verbatim Pastel CD-R 700MB. (Made in Japan)

Is it good enough?