How Much RAM is Needed to Encode and Decode mp3's?

Just wondered what the optimal amount of RAM is to encode and decode mp3’s and burn them. Currently I have 256, but I was wondering if I increase if it would increase proformance at all.


Not for plain MP3 en-/decoding.

I thought encoding and decoding MP3 files was more dependant on your CPU? I might be wrong although a 4:30min MP3 take less than 40sec to encode on a P4 2GHz.


I encode a lot of multimedia stuff. For RAM, it doesn’t depend on how much you have, but how much you have unused. On this current machine of mine, 300MB is free, meaning WinXP and background programs uses 200MB+ of memory. So if you use WinXP I definitely suggest you to go above the recommended memory size, memory is cheap nowadays anways.

Other factors are CPU types and cores, even if we just say P4, there are so many (williamette, northwood), and if we take chipsets supporting so many types of RAM, there are just too many. Most people say Athlon XPs are very good at en/decoding stuff, and I agree. Also the program and algorithm matters too.

My suggestion is just get more RAM, even if you got a Win98/2K. Unless of course you’re really a encoder fan and want to either overclock or get new cpu/mobo.