How much majors want to annoy end-consumers?



I just posted the article How much majors want to annoy end-consumers?.

An interesting article published at Ars Technica made me think about how much annoying are majors regarding DRM. In this article, a brief introduction on content protections systems is given,…

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It happens I’d to buy a monitor last year. As this one works with digital photo and requires colour management adjustments I bought a good one, at a price. So, I see no reason to throw it away just to protect somebody so called “rights” and the only thing I expect is that both drives and software don’t require these DRM things to work with home video. Apart from that, I’s do the same as with protected CDs - I don’t buy them and if it wasn’t that I had already bought some dozens (maybe over a hundred) now…


Just to add - the four figure number of music CDs I got before - plus the LPs - provide me a lot of listening choices.


Lower prices have nothing to do with piracy. Pirates will pirate. Simple as that. People steal from GOODWILL!