How much is in a mediacode



I can get my hands on a spindle of DVD+R 8 speed disks @ 15euro/50p .
Its got the YUDEN0000T02 (or summit) mediacode .
I cant however get myself to completely trust this cause 15euro’s for 50dvd’s with a TY mediacode seems to good to be true .
The brand is BUDGET, they are red disks .
So my question is how much is quality influenced by which mediacode the disk has ?


the +Rs arent on the list but the -R`s are read here.


It is a Dutch website that sales them. There are two rather short reviews. One of them burned the discs at 16x on a NEC 3500, so they work, bit nothing about the quality.

I think this post will soon be moved to the Media Thread… :stuck_out_tongue:


Blah fake TY =)


It’s to good to be true :sad:


seems i was right not to trust this deal . In the meanwhile i discovered my platinum 8 speeds(ricohjpnr02) will do 12x on my newly aquired NEC3520A . I dug up some files to burn on it, 12 x 349MB (house md , if your wondering : great show ;] ) = 4.09GB in total. Burntime was 6.44 .
I havent got the capability to do PIO scans but i do a nero readtest with my toshiba 16x dvd-rom when i doubt quality .

Looks like a perfect disc , so far im very pleased . No need for TY’s for now , i got 6 spindles of these platinums left and it seems they’ll do fine for now .


perfect burn , expect for the 10 speed bit . Do you think its save to burn datadisks @ x12 on my ricohjpnr02’s ? I always do movies @ 6 speed on TY disks (the good ones at least) .


these are infosmart junk. There is no store or factory guarantee on them.
Budget is a B-brand from E-net. This is B-grade media according to them.
And we all know I think how E-net fucks up gradeing systems from Ritek.
(A-grade mountains and streams what were they thinking )
In other words if you want 50 coasters buy these. :bigsmile:
But for media even short time storrage I would recommend something else.


for impotant backups make two copies using two different types of quality media at 6X.


yeah i’ll do that for my working cold fusion model drawings :wink:

hehehehhehe, the way i see things dvd backups only need to last for about 5 years . Thats the time for a new standard to come round and when we switch we’ll copy everything we really want/need to the next standard . Locking 2x speed burned 16x ccertified disk in a airtight/UV free environment (in twofold) is overdoing it in my book . :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t even think you can burn 16x certified discs at 2x…