How much is 109 and A09 now?

in USD


Lazy :frowning:

Do you need the price including shipping ? If so let us know your location so that we can answer!

If you want we can provide you the price of some media as well just let us know the Atip and we will do that too!

We :bow: are :bow: at :bow: your :bow: service :bow:

Seriously, the 109 is 99$ CAD here, or about 79USD, the X09 is 170$ CAD :eek:

Weird, because the 109 is here €71 and the A09XL €70 without shipping.

Us$ 100 For A09, US$ 89 for 109

Sydney, Australia 109 is $AUD 101 inc 10% GST (approx $79 to $80 US).

Oem is often cheaper in Canada than USA, Retail is another story :frowning:
This make the A09 more expensive than a PX-716

The DVD-109 is 89$ CAN at PC Concept (or 91.25$ CAN at Ordiexpress).

I am talking about the A09, DVR-109 is easy to find arround 90$ CAD…

Newegg just dropped it below $70 delivered today. I just might have to get one now that they can be made to rip DL at 12X.

who has the A09 in Montréal ? And how much ?

I want to change my 107. Not sure what I should get. The Pioneer, the BenQ, the Nec, the Lite On or the LG … It’s 170$ tho…
DVR-109 is arround 90$ everywhere

A09 is too expensive for me . Tx for the infos anyway.