How much HDD Space? LG GSA-E6OL

I have had CD-RW but never DVD RW on my PC. I read reviews and got a great sale price, so ordered LG GSA-E6OL from a big box which I haven’t even received yet. I then noticed the spec sheet shows a requirement of 20 gig Hard Disk free space. I have an older PC running Win XPsp2 that only has about 7 gig Hard Disk free space left. I do have a decent USB 2.0 External HDD with several hundred gigabytes free space. The Unit comes with some recent version of Nero “light” software. To avoid problems from the start, I’d appreciate any advice on the following: 1. What will happen if I install the LG GSA-E6OL on a PC with significantly less than 20 gig hard disk free space? (I suspect the CD-R/RW ought to work but wonder if any or some of the supported DVD formats will lock up or fail to work?) 2. Is it possible to direct the LG GSA-E6OL to my external HDD which has plenty of free space. Since it is only USB 2.0 connected it is slower than the internal hard disk, how badly will the LG GSA-E6OL functions be impaired? Again I’m completely new to DVD-RW and would appreciate informed advice. Thanks, Forone

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A burner doesn’t need any free hard disc space because it is not a software, and the only needed drivers are installed automatically by windows (and that’s only a few bytes file), so don’t worry about this.

The only needed hard disc space is if you plan to install nero (it is a really hungry software), but the solution is very easy: install IngBurn instead of nero for three main reasons:

  1. it’s one of the best burning softwares available.
  2. it’s free
  3. it requires only few space on hard disc

There are some considerations to bear in mind however. Of course, the files you want to burn on a DVD must be on the hard disc, so the only free space you need is the one necessary to save files you want to burn. For example, if you want to burn a backup of a movie on a single layer DVD, you need at least 4.2 GB free space to store the files to be burned on the DVD.

If you want to burn a dual layer disc, then you need at least 8.5 GB to save files on hard disc first.

Another thing you must bear in mind is that a nearly full hard disc is not the very best option because a heavily fragmented disc can cause slowing during the burning and this is not good for a DVD.

Finally, another important thing is that it’s better to not use an external hard disc (mostly if connected via USB) to store data to be burned on a DVD, because also this can cause slowing during the burn.

My suggestion is to move as much data as possible in the external hard disc and leave some free space on the internal HDD dedicated to store files to be burned on the DVD.

Another good thing is to buy a larger HDD and then move all data from the old disc to the new one. There are some dedicated softwares to do this, like Acronis True Image (too bad not a free software).

Thank you very much for the prompt reply - I will be using the DVD-RW mainly for backing up existing data, and plan to play some DVD media but not copy them. I was mainly worried that the LG unit required a massive hard disk buffer that would prevent common uses. It sounds as if it should work fine. I keep most of my photos and music on two large external backup drives instead of the PC, and will have to see how slow that transfer is. I will certainly look into IngBurn instead of Nero. (Some other software is coming with the LG as well, but I haven’t figured out which application does what yet.) Best Regards, Forone

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

My LG GSA-E6OL eventually arrived with its CD-ROM. I installed the CyberLink DVD player but not Producer since Windows Movie Maker is fine for me. I gave serious thought to Geno’s advice but (call me naive, you’re right) went ahead to install Nero 7 Essentials because I wanted LightScribe support, which IMGBurn does not include, and I wanted to figure out what else Nero might support that IMGBurn might not. Nero 7E looked like a big but not too big 300 meg install. Unbelievable (note I’m no techie but I’ve been a PC user since the 1980s and have seen a lot of software): The CD-ROM installed a 300meg version of Nero 7E dated early last year. Then, naturally, I permitted what looked like a routine version update. After an hour long (decent DSL, lousy Nero server) download and install, I found both the 300 meg version and a separate new 600meg version. I tried using Nero 7E to make a data CD-R, something Windows does pretty well all by itself, but got into a ridiculous series of AutoPlay flashlight boxes that wouldn’t close. I’ve now uninstalled both the 300 and 600 meg Nero 7E monster. The LightScribe support module seems to still be there. Now I’ll try IMGBurn.

Indeed Nero installs a lot of softwares that the mean user will never use. It is rather avid of resources, while imgburn is really light.

I don’t know if it is possible to use imgburn to use the lightscribe feature, but probably nero is not a must. I’m sure that there is a way to use lightscribe without nero :wink:

In case it’s of any use to others, LightScribe has its own site that provides light quick downloads specifically for itself, without anything for the recording side of the disc - I installed the LightScribe System, Simple Labeler and Template Labeler (3 files - work fine on this machine) after uninstalling Nero - now I’m going to try ImgBurn and see if that’s the solution for my very basic requirements: