How much have you paid for your DVD player?



I just posted the article How much have you paid for your DVD player?.

In the gadget era, this news will make many people happy. According to an article published at thisislondon, Asda (which is part of the American Wal-mart empire) is to offer a DVD player for only…

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You mean if someone paid 50 quid for one and the warranty ran out they would get it repaired? I doubt it very much, these DVD players were only 17 quid to start with, hardly a bank buster.


A “throw away” society is a product of individual actions- not technological progress. If these types of cheap electronics propagate, recycling centers capable of taking old DVD players and the like will similarly be a growth industry.


How mucgh did I pay ? I have a Panasonic RP91 which cost me ~ $799 in 2001 when standard DVD players were still ~ 300 - 400. This is a fantastic “high-end” DVD player that could not be replaced for cheap today because todays disposbable players (even “major” brands at $60 - $80) are crap compared to it. You won’t find quality circuitry unless you shop for a high end system at a specialy store (not Best Buy etc…)


my mum got one of those dvd players today, i was shocked to see it at £9, they flew off the shelve within about 2 hours. quite good too


Thats load of crap ivid, it a well known fact that the cheap dvd players are more compatible with dv-r/dvd+r discs than the big branded jobbies,plus these players have been selling for below $18 now in usa for a few years even cheaper with the rebate so hardly major news,they are probably going for $8 now across the pond.


" is to offer a DVD player for only £9 (about €14 or $18)…" If you can profitably sell a JUNKY DVD player at $18 why not make a good DVD player and sell it for $20? Parts are obviously cheap, so it shouldn’t cost much to improve it. You’ll pay more in the long run when you’re constantly replacing this crap.


I never buy such crap because I look at the specs first. I believe there should be laws in North America that would make Walmart and such send defective and broken stuff back to where it was made, or better they should include $5 or so charge in every purchase and then if the crap breaks refund it to the consumer and get the product properly recycled. Otherwise we will become a large chinese dump hole :r


you guys are crazy i bet if it said sony on it and was priced £80 you’d buy lol…anyway here ya go anyone who has bought it Power and switch on the Durabrand DVD player. Open the DVD disc tray tray or lid. Press Stop. Press 3 - 5 - 9 - 7 (3597 in sequence). Can be done on remote control. Hidden DVD Region menu appears. Select region 0 or 9 using up or down button on remote control. Press OK. Close the disc tray and press Standby on the DVD player front region free and these DVD players support CDG wouldnt surprise me if they played vcd/svcd/ and jpegs i bet it plays mp3 dvds as does my other 1 i bought out of asda for £19 4 months ago lol snobs


Oh yeah FidelC, after the big’o American consumed it and have it dumped back to china ground is not acceptable either. China is developing legislation framwork to govern such American international Vandalism.


You’re damn right snobs. Videophiles and audiophiles can tell the difference when low cost decoding chips are used and when cheap DACs are used to drive the component outputs. Just because you lack either the ability or the willingness to see the difference does not mean that cheap players and enthusiast level players are identical.


“you guys are crazy i bet if it said sony on it and was…” Post a puke smiley if you’re still mad at Sony for their rootkit scandal. :r :r :r :r :r :r :r Against my better judgement I bought a $40 Coby two years ago. Skipped on every disc so I took it back and got another one. Same make same model same problem. Took that back, got a refund, went to a THRIFT STORE and bought a 5 year old Phillips. Plays DVD+/-R/RW just fine. Much better than that cheap Coby. Better picture and sound quality too. Still works after 7 years (says made in 2000 on the back). What do you think it cost new? $300?


I am so tired of this Walmart bashing. Some people can not afford the lavish high end players or just want a simple interface. Who cares if it breaks down after a year and you have to chuck it. How many would you have to buy to get to the price of your ‘high end’ player? Besides, if you think that Walmart is the A-1 place for quality electronics, then I gotta ask what planet are you from. I personally shop around for the most bang for the buck and I read reviews since I can’t afford the super-duper-latest-greatest high end electronic’s device out there. Another thing, lets pretend Walmart doesn’t exist, which is not hard for some of you, how much would a low end dvd player cost then? Maybe $50 or even $100. Would you rather throw away $15 or $50? It’s a no brainer if you ask me.


“Some people can not afford the lavish high end players or just want a simple interface.” What is a “high end” DVD player? You can get a basic decent player for $50-$100. You don’t have to spend $1000 on one. If you’re so poor you HAVE to pay $18 for a garbage DVD player you shouldn’t be buying a DVD player and DVDs. Save your money, you’re going to need it someday. I’ve seen GOOD used DVD players in thrift stores for less than $18. I too just want to watch movies and don’t need fancy extras. If you’ve ever done any basic electronics repair you know that MOST of the time it’s some little part costing less than $1. In some cases if that little part cost a few pennies more it would last 20 years. Which would you rather have a $20 DVD player that just works for 10 years or a cheap $18 DVD player you have to replace every year? Which do you think is going to cost you less in the long run? Have you thought about a DVD drive in your computer? Much better, more versatile solution. You don’t need a state of the art computer for DVDs anymore. I got a DVD/VCR combo unit from a yard sale for free. The DVD player has a bad solder joint. That’s $0 in parts and about $80 in labor or $18 for a new cheapo DVD player. If they’d made that joint better that thing would still be working and that person wouldn’t have bought a new unit. Bad solder joints happen, but when you make cheap junk they happen more often.


For those talking about “throwing it away” after it brakes - It’s ASDA, they have always in my experience had a policy that if it’s their own brand and it brakes even after the 1 year warranty they will exchange it providing there is no serious damage or marks to it to show abuse… I’ve done this with a TV/DVD combi whihc was 2 years old and their own make - no problem changed staright away. Checked teh info in 3 different ASDA shops too, all said the same. So if it did break after a year, take it back and they will do a switch for the equivalent at the time


here you brand snobs :B review of this player Comments: I bought this to be a companion to my Sanyo DWM-400. It’s one of the cheapest DVD players I’ve ever found on the market, yet it’ll excellently play VCDs, SVCDS, Photo CDs, MP3 CDs, and even DVD-R/RW’s. Comes with S-Video, Composite, and Component Video hookups. Has worked wonderfully ever since I took it out of the box. The progressive scan option via S-Video makes the transfers on DVDs shine. read more reviews lol :B


i especially like this review :B Comments: This is the third DVD player I bought so far since my last one died. The DVD players, one philips DVP624 and another TruTech TT320, that I bought before this one, showing a lot pixellation when playing DVD-R. So both of them were sent back to store. Then I saw this one at Walmart for $27, and I decided to give it a try, and I can’t be more satified. Component/S-video output, no pixellation on DVD-R, size of a book. Price is not an issue, but the result is.


"What is a “high end” DVD player? You can get a basic decent player for $50-$100. You don’t have to spend $1000 on one. If you’re so poor you HAVE to pay $18 for a garbage DVD player you shouldn’t be buying a DVD player and DVDs. Save your money, you’re going to need it someday. " High-end is high-end. I have seen DVD players around $500-1000 USD that have all kinds of features. I didn’t say I was poor but if you are mocking someone that doesn’t have the money that you have then that is pretty pathetic. Most people, like my parents for instance, are not techno savy and want something cheap and easy to use. Why should they pay $100 on a player that had extra features that they don’t have a clue about or how to use? As for myself, I have DMR-E500 Panasonic DVD Recorder that cost me $800 with all kinds of features such as networking. So, no, I am not poor.


“if you are mocking someone that doesn’t have the money that you have…” I’m not mocking poor people. But seriously movies are a luxury item. You don’t NEED them like you need food, water, shelter, clothes, medicine, an education, transportation, an emergency savings account, and other things. Take care of the necessities first THEN buy luxuries. Different people have different opinions of “high end”. My dad can’t work the menus on DVDs. It’s so bad he just buys old VHS tapes from yard sales. But you can bet these cheap players still show the menus that he can’t operate.


I got that same Durabrand DVD player for $27 at Walmart and I cant be happier… Its way better than my Sony which I paid a pretty penny for years ago… Reason Im not using it to replace my Sony is because it has a DVI output port which I use on my HDTV which also has one… The fact that the Durabrand player can be made region free is another plus… :d