How Much Hav You OverBurnt on 80min CD

I have just tested with nero cd speed that I should be able to overburn my 700 mb CD-master cd made by ritek at 703 or thats 83 mins of audio what do you think?

please put your findings here so I and other can make better purchase.


hope this helps

I tested CMC at 723, while Lead Data was 727, but both discs (especially Lead Data) get damaged and unreadable sectors when overburning. Never use Lead Data to overburn–ever.

Fujifilm Taiyo Yudens went to 725, and came up all green when burned at 8x. They’re awesome overburners.

various TY spindles i have are from 724 to 728, i’ve burnt right up to the end of them with data and had no problems

You can read my posts about burning times & stuff here :

Thankyou all and BOskin for your links it was a good read.

I am a little confused can you really burn upto 725mb on a 700mb CDR.

Or maybe these CDRs are the ones marked 80min audio and 730mb data. I have seen these at my friends house.

I am going to try the 99min or 90min cdRs that people are talking about and try them first with nero speed and then with nero.

I rememer overburing with winoncd 8 I think (or nero long time ago) ON a TDK 650 disk I overburnt to 654mb I cant remember which software it was but these are the only sofwares that I ever tried.

Which software is good for overburn What happend to winon cd8 it came with my plextor and since than no sighn.

Normally I get damaged or unreadable sectors when writing over 81 mins on 80min discs…

So my general rule is to never overburn more than +1 min over the official capacity.

thats 83 mins of audio what do you think?

don’t forget that many audio players will have trouble with anything over 74 min, overburning may be asking for playback problems with audio.

i can burn up to 82:57 on philips cdrs

i’ve tried a fair amount of portable and stationary audio with 99 min cd’s, and they seem to have less trouble with them than do cd-roms