How much faster?

With the riplock on for the NEC 3540 how long does it take to rip a dvd and how long does it take with it off please? Thank You.

With RIPLOCK removed. SL @16X DL @12X
With RIPLOCK 5X for both SL and DL DVD-Video

Bobalouie has 8x dvd-r’s that go 12x (CMC sumthn)…My new 50pk 16x TY’s only reach if im lucky 11x.

No Iron…
The discs are Maxells 8X DVD-R. I get 12 X out of them with the new firmware. DVD Decrypter sez the label is Ritek GO5’s. Hay…I think thats pretty good since I got a buy1 get 1 free on a 50 pk for 16.95 about a month ago at staples.