How much does the jitter bug you?

When or if does jitter cause problems? Just wondering at what point jitter can cause trouble and at what max and avg values this happens. This is using nero cd/dvd speed for testing.

I guess it all depends on your dvd player. ECMA standard says max 9% but people reported no problem playback a disk with jitter as high as 12.5%.

Thank you for your response. Does the max value of nine mean more than a large but lower average value?

Anyone have any more info on jitter? Any help would be appreciated. Also from the tests of jitter I’ve seen it is measured horizonally. Mine shows up like poe and pof in a vertical line. Any ideas?

Your original question was to do with CD-DVD Speed so I take it you are scanning with the BenQ. Best way is to post a scan and let us have a look.:slight_smile:

What do you people think about the following statement that I found in this post:

" The Benq and Plextor drives can report jitter because they have specific PLL hardware which apparently does real time jitter correction. There is no mention of this in any NEC technical papers that i’ve seen "

What I understand from it is that in order to measure the jitter properly the drive used is as important as the software …

The only place where I found something interesting about jitter
is this article:
where jitter measurements was compared between the CATS and Plextools
and some burned discs had horrible jitter !