How much does pi/po scan hurt your drive?

it takes a long long time
and I am kind of obsessed by this feature. scan all kinds of media I have now and used before

will it damage your drive a lot?

Who knows?!

But it WILL make you paranoid about your media burns in a way you weren’t before - I know I am.

Ignorance is bliss! :stuck_out_tongue: (…but also dangerous)

Plextor px-716A is my first plextor drive and I also do a lot of quality test ( also some quaility test from friends of my university that want to know how good / bad burn his drive the dvd /cd :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know if this damage the drive, but is addictive :slight_smile:

Who cares if it damages your drive 1-2 years down the line by then you will have better DVDRW drives that are cheaper or you will have moved onto bluray


But still, just curious…does it damage your drive?

I don’t think so.

It is just reading the disc.
It’s no more damaging than playing a DVD on the drive.

Besides, that is all my Liteon is used for. Don’t take it away from me.

You could ask the same about your car,If I hit the brakes alot will it damage them!Everything has a lfie expectency,who knows.I would’nt worry about it!

Absolutely correct.