How much did you first pay for DVD blanks?

My first burner was a sony 510a(2003) external for 200USD:eek: and my first TY purchase (TYG01) was 150USD :rolleyes::eek: for 100 silver injet printable.

My first CD writer was a HP 2x cd writer. Cost about 550$ - Next was Plextor 8x for 800$ (I think i got one of the first 8x cd writers and what a price :slight_smile: ). One cdr at that time (app 1997) was 15$ in Denmark. (All approximate figures) Pheew - those were good days and very expensive coasters… :stuck_out_tongue:

(The Litey 811 was my third DVD writer and easily the darkest chapter in my burning career :sad: Can’t believe they put out that trash at the time they were kings of cd burners. Never quite got my faith back in Lite On’s as writers :wink: )