How much crap do you have in your task bar?



Well be it in the ‘quick launch bit’ next to the ‘start’ button, or on the far right, post a screen shot of your icons. Lets see what you have set to auto start from the moment you turn your pc on :bigsmile:

And if you are uber brave and cba, tell us what u got in there;
On the left quick launch, theres;

quicktime (hardly ever use)
Outlook 2007 beta 2
‘show desktop’

And on the right theres
Outlook 2007
HDD Life
Windows firewall off icon
Windows live messenger
Skype (hardly ever use)
‘BT help’ (dont use)
Logitech ‘web cam software’
Gainward overlock utility and general app for gpu
Nvidia Settings
Asus AI Nos
Epson printer icon
BT wireless connection manager
Realtek Sound control panel
Windows audio properties


I have way too much clutter.

Unplugged ethernet adapter
Plugged ethernet


Quick Start = 0

Far Right Always Up = 3
Wireless Network Connection
Wireless Network Program

Sometimes Up = 3
MSN Live Messenger
MSN Live Desktop Mail
USB Unplug Thing

I consider 6 to many


i only have Opera and the Volume control…


Pic 1 Quick launch
Pic2 task bar (right)


First is my taskbar showing everything:

AV/Firewall software, Volume control (which I forgot to remove), and USB unplug thingy.

I like as clean a sys tray as possible :slight_smile:

My Quick Launch, on the other hand…:doh::


quicklaunch = IE, desktop, windows explorer, firefox, and nero
right side = AV, ZAP, Network, Sound, DUMeter, Printer, Nvidia, and windows darn firewall


I have CA Internet security icon, and speaker icon. That is it!


Left: Start, IE7, Desktop, Eudora Mail, Explorer, Word, Excel

Right (all): Filezilla Server, Yahoo Messenger, Temp HDD Seagate 500GB SATA, Temp HDD Seagate 500GB SATA, Temp HDD Seagate 160GB SATA, Temp GPU Ambient, Temp GPU, Temp CPU (full load), Temp Motherboard, CPU Clock, Everest, MSN/WLM, ActiveSync, AnyDVD disabled, Epson R320, ZoneAlarm Pro, Symantec AV Corporate, Realtek HD Audio Manager, Dell 3100CN Status Monitor, LAN2, LAN1, Speaker, Safely Remove Hardware, Clock. :o

But I set “Hide inactive icons” so most of the time only showing 6-8 items. :wink:


A picture is worth a thousand words…





Bwahahahaha :bigsmile: :clap:


not much


Meh, 6 icons total, and with a gig of ram takes 3 seconds to load for windows login. The icon to the very far left was my screenshot program which does not load during windows.


My lean mean cdfreaks burning machine :wink:


I have nothing in my quick launch or taskbar. Processes I have running at boot-up, 19. I hate evil proccesses! :stuck_out_tongue:


…Delete Me…


Good man! I am running 26 and it is embarrasing :o


Err … just a few … the bare minimum really :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought this was a new thread posted by debro titled “How much crab do you have in your task bar?” but luckily I snapped out of it.

Note to self: stop watching Discovery. Seriously they only do shows on crab fishing these days…