How much can I overclock my graphics card?

Ok ive got a gainward 7900 gt. In the start menu it has this;
The default settings are 450mhz for the core clock settings and 660mhz for the memory clock settings. What would be the best for ‘overclocking’ if thats even the right term here for what i want to do???

…and just why would you wanna do that?

You should have no need to overclock this card, as no games out yet, will even push this card at all. In the future, if you feel the need to overclock, numerous articles recommend not going up more than 10mhz at a whack… If you overclock it at all, it will run hotter. If you don’t have adequate cooling, you can cook the card.

Oh ok, Its just I was having a go with Far Cry and the water doesnt look right. Im not sure why :confused: From up high it looks fine but up close it looks as if somethings gone funny. Anybody know what i mean??

You can overclock the card if you wish. Just keep an eye on the temps, and go up in 10Mhz increments until you start to see artifacting, then back it down 15-25Mhz to be safe. As far as the water not looking right in Far Cry, I don’t know what could be causing that, but it wouldn’t hurt to update your video card drivers if you haven’t already.

There is no official max. Overclocking depends on your whole setup. I think the video card part you’ll need to follow DJMind’s advise.

No need to Oc this one, really.

Much like everyone has said, overclocking your current card isn’t going to do anything for you, with one exception.


That is the only game out that will stress your card. It’s debatable whether F.E.A.R will stress your card or not. Reastically unless you crank up all the details in either game, you won’t get anything from overclocking except more hot air expelled out the back of the case.

Greg is that new water look based on having that new big lcd monitor. When I went from a sony to a viewsonic i could see color changes that took a while to get use to after so long. things are going to look a little different but as time goes on in your mind you will forget how it was espically jumping from a crt to an lcd. They will never be the same, they just look different

ps dont blow it up when its only a few days old :bigsmile:

no, it was from a laptop lcd, i dont get it, maybe i messed something up with all the video settings??

ill assume default settings are easy to reset and you could start the settings again. Did you look around for any new color management files and drivers. The view sonic poped one out two days after I turned it on and the microsoft drivers for it looked awfull. Good video can be a pain

can you post a screenshot of the water?
check in the advanced controls, most games have a screenshot capture on print screen or F10 or something like that

IMO, OCing a vid card is poinless.
usually you will gain 1-2 fps, which you wont even notice while playing, not to mention the extra heat and decreased lifespan

the only reason I got a factory OCed vid card was cus they orderd me the wrong card but still charged me for the non OCed one :wink:

lol, i got all the patches for the game and all is well now, got all video settings set to highest and loving it :slight_smile: