How much can gigarec really record

i ve read facts about the plexwriter premium but i keep reading that it records up to 900 mb other say 1.2gb others say 1.4 gb so how much can it really record.i wanna know since i am going to buy one.tired of letting my cousin downsampling my dc games and the waste of time of the dc coders cable up load.

Theoretically it could burn up to 1190 MB on a 99min CD-R. Practically you can record 910MB (700 x 1.3) on a 80min and 960MB (800 x 1.2)on a 90min CD. Forget about using Gigarec with 99min CDs. You will find hardly any drive besides Premium that reads it.

Actually, for AudioCD’s you can burn up to 140min when using 100min discs. (I do this frequently and these discs play in my car stereo and even an old (8yo) Memorex CD-Player :bigsmile: )

But indeed as Arrow says a lot of drives/players cannot read beyond the 99min mark.

The readability of GigaRec discs also greatly depends on the quality of the used discs.(most +90min discs are of very low quality)
@nightmare88: 1.2GB and 1.4GB are both correct since you can record 1.2GB in CD-ROM format on a 100min disc using a GigaRec setting of 1.4x or 1.4GB in AudioCD format using the same disc and settings. (this is because CD-ROM format uses 2048 bytes/sector and AudioCD uses 2352 bytes/sector)

i read some post that some guy claims that gigarec disks can be read by dreamcast,so hes lying?and also hd-burn cant be read by dreamcast?cause the guy also said dreamcast can read up to 120 minutes also ive read giga disk-rom are mostly 112 min

Using 100-minute CD-Rs combined with GigaRec 1.4x, you can write:

[li]1290240000 bytes or ~1230.468 MB in Mode 1 Form 1 (2048 bytes per sector) mode [/li][li]1481760000 bytes or ~1413.116 MB in Mode 2 Form 2/Raw (2352 bytes per sector) mode [/li][li]140 min 00 s 00 f of audio (CD-DA) [/li][/ul] Taking into account that DreamCast games hold 122 min 08 s, you can theoratically burn a fully-running CD using at least 90-minute media at 1.3x without even overburning the media or 1.2x with 100-minute media with minimal overburning. Anyone want to try it out? I woudl if I had the DC coders Cable, as I want to back my Shenmue: Chapter 1 game up. When anyone experiments with this, let me know.

I tried to enable GigaRec and it works with Nero, I can burn up to 1.3GB using GigaRec on 100min cds (1.3x).
I also created some .cdi files (with bin2boot) and tried to burn them with alcohol 120% (raw dao, without buffer-underun protection) but I always get Illegal parameter error.
Seems multisession isnt possible using gigarec:(

That is correct. But this is crlearly stated in Plextools and on Plextor homepage. GigaRec works only with DAO, which means disc at once, which means that the CD is no multisession.

I’ve used Gigarec 1.4x to record 144 min of audio on some overburned 99-min CD-Rs. The discs are only readable in two of my standalones and two CD/RW and DVD drives. Note the 99:59 problem seems to be the limiting factor in most of the other players I have tried the discs in, ie the drives are firmware limited to not read the disc over 99 min 59 sec 74 frames even though it is obvious the drive mechanics are able to do so. This is a major disappointment! I wish more manufactures would not cripple their drives in this way.

I’ve burned about 118 minutes on a standard 80 min CDR at 1.4x with good results.

For DATA 2048 sectors, the limit I’ve reached is around 1305 - 1310 MB of data on overburned 99-min media.

How I wish we could use this technology on DVD+/Rs-- Imagine getting 8 GB on a 4.38 GB nominal capacity media!

for 80 minutes media here is an overview :

However, in the table below the disc capacity list there is an error regarding the supported [I]GigaRec[/I] values of the Premium2: 0.6x and 1.4x [B]are[/B] supported. :slight_smile:

supported GigaRec values depending on the drive
	drive 	0.6x 	0.7x 	0.8x 	0.9x 	1.1x 	1.2x 	1.3x 	1.4x
	Premium 	Y 	Y 	Y 	- 	- 	Y 	Y 	Y
	[B]Premium2 	- 	Y 	Y 	Y 	Y 	Y 	Y 	-[/B]


Whops… I’ve just noticed that my quoted table is shifted… :doh:


i wanted to buy a PX-760A but it seems it can’t support 1.4x

can someone please tell me which models can support 1.4x ?

and maybe can someone tell me a good online store to buy a plextor drive, one that ships abroad, because i live in portugal

please help me with this


[B]two-rok[/B], welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

GigaRec 1.4x is supported only on the PlexWriter Premium and Premium2 CD-RW drives.
You will have a hard time finding any non-Plextor drives that will read 1.4x GigaRec discs, however - even 1.3x is incompatible with most drives in my experience.

I don’t have any information on where you can buy such drives in or from Portugal.

thanks from the prompt answer.

i’m interested in this feature mainly for dreamcast full backup usage, i’ve heard that dreamcasts can read 1.3x discs so it would be great to test if they support 1.4x discs


Would be interesting to lnow. But I doubt it can.

would someone here be able to test it?

Someone has dreamcast + Premium thing around? I dont have dreamcast…