How much bandwidth does DeUHD consume?


Just a question about DeUHD: how much bandwidth does it require? From what I’ve read it uses an internet connection for its method but I couldn’t tell whether it needs it just initially for some handshaking or whether the entire film needs to be streamed through their service or what precisely.

Asking as I’m not on the fastest connection and wouldn’t be able to support any large bandwidth requirements.

Edit: just realized there’s an entire DeUHD topic (?) on this forum, apologies if I should have asked elsewhere.

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Each disk will download several hundred megabytes worth of decryption keys. Once you have them, they are cached, so you don’t have to redownload again to rerip. Unless Arusoft tweaked them… then a fresh copy will download. And no, there’s no way to know when that happens.


I see. So at the most it will be a few hundred megabytes per disc? That’s not totally unreasonable. Wonder why the need for so many, but that’s as it is. Thanks for the reply.


No problem, I’ve split it to another topic, also easier to find for users who also search for the same answer :wink:


Each small (6KB?) block has a separate decryption key. AACS has all sorts of keys of varying types. DeUHD works by sending you the key for every block. UHD discs have huge amounts of data, and thus there are a lot of block keys! VUKs (some of which have been leaked on Doom9) are volume specific keys, that you can use (in conjunction with additional information on the disc?) to generate all of the block keys for a specific disc. There are also host keys and device keys and musical keys. Oh wait, that last one has nothing to do with AACS…


Appreciate the in-depth yet concise explanation :slight_smile: