How much are you ready to spend on a Sony PS/3?

I haven’t bought a PlayStation or XBox, but it’s interesting that PS/3 will use Blu-ray disks.

I’ll wait till it drops to $300. I think I got the PS2 bundle for $300. XBox = :Z

me too :iagree:

I will have a Sony PS3 when I get it for free with a package of coffee!!

Will never buy it, will use my money only for PC equipment.

Yeah sure , Xbox has better image quality (Sorry Sony) , is easily modded and has more original games (Microsoft’s XNE is coming and both Nintendo and Sony are quite scared).

I’ll buy a PS3 when it can be modded completely. The PS2 still takes 23 wires to solder on smd components and mainboard…

How many times does it have to be said about xbox, it’s an EFFING computer. PS and GC or game consoles. xbox is a neutered computer, of course it’s gonna be easy to mod. If I want to play computer games, I’ll play it on my computer.

And XNE what? Sony and Nintendo scared? Of what?

Yes , it’s a fucking crappy computer and i’m quite glad it is. This makes easy ports , easy configuration and relaxed pricing (except for their games , i admit that) and easy modifications. I can do so much more with my xbox instead of a gameboy , which can only play games and nothing else. PS2 forutnately has some tools.

Microsoft developed some tools to make more creative games which are called XNE. Nintendo still thrives on Mario and his clones. I’d show you the article , but it’s only in a magazine.

/me is quite happy with his neutered p3 with tv-out :slight_smile:

if you have a good pc for games why get a console, plenty of great games out on pc, and you dont have to subcribe to play online :slight_smile:

Well this PS3 thingy is said to have revolutionizing CPU(s) and stuff but I still wouldnt buy a console. If I want to watch stuff on my TV I use my DivX-DVD-player, if I want to play games I use my computer :slight_smile:
Should I want to play games on my TV I build a HTPC.

ps2/s are cheap compared to pcs, and run games simply, but pcs can do so much more than just play games, plus they are better at that. :bigsmile:

I’m gonna get an XBox 2. XBox Live is just to good (I’ve heard PS2 online is pretty crap).


You heard wrong. EA’s servers are fast, unless of course you’re poor and still uses 56k dial-up and expect T1 performance.

From how I see it now, I think I’ll never get a Sony PS3. Why? Because it’s not running on x86 hardware. I have an XBOX and use it mainly for “unofficial” software, like playing ancient arcade games etc. I see no other point in a console, as most modern games are very playable on a PC…


yeh, but you have to subscibe to play ps2/xbox games online, other than broadband cost (which you also have to pay with ps2/xbox) pcs are free to play games online.

To each his own, but about the modchip, if you want a good lasting install, you should use wires, not pogo pins or crap like that. Given that, it takes just as much skill to solder the wires in an xbox (especially the d0 point) as it takes to mod a v5 and up ps2, all the ps2 takes more is patience…

I love my ps2, and my GC, and I would not mind having an xbox, but really, i think ps2 is the nicest one of them all.

Maybe I’m the only person here to think of a Sony PS/3 to replace all DVD writers. I"m ready to spend US$1,000 if it has LAN, HDD, USB, 1394…

Do not mix xbox’s rip off Live service w/ PS2’s free online play service. Xbox’s server is centralized, where you’ll see the same SOBs every time you’ll login. PS2 online’s servers are hosted by different game companies and are free, except for FFXI, which is PS2’s version of Evercrack.

oh… ok sorry stoner… so is it just xbox you have to pay loads a month for to play all there games online?

basically, yeah.