How mature do you think DVD burning is?



I remember when CD-R’s first came out. Some worked well some didn’t. Media quality varied wildly from terrible to usable. Today CD-R tech has matured and has acceptable quality across almost all brands.

My question is how far along in maturity do you think DVD burners and media are?

I’ve just started looking at DVD burners and after reading some of the threads on the site I get the feeling that things are not very stable. I use CD-R for both music and backup purposes but a DVD writer would mainly be used for storage that I wouldn’t have backed up on my HD so I need it to be high quality/long lasting.

Well thanks for your opinions. :slight_smile:


if its reliability and quality that u r looking for. what u could do is buy say an nec3500/2510. then buy some taiyo yuden dvd blanks. this should give u reliability and longevity. ive never heard any bad reports of taiyo yuden blank disks.

the problems (with bad burns) that people report on are usually related to ppor quality media. its human nature to want the best product for the lowest possible price (like myself). hence, people refrain from buying taiyo yuden (like myself). However, i think my next batch of blanks will be taiyo yuden single layer or verbatim dual layer. im not gonna bother with the cheapo disks cuz its just a waste of time.