How many women are there on CDFreaks?

Somehow, the lady on the right appeals to me most…after the one with the hat of course :wink:

She looks like that lady off… Sex and the City? Sarah Jessica Parker? Or am I all mixed up …?

Well Tax Man meet your newest mail order bride of course you’d have to come over here …shes my best-est friend since we were 4 years old…and shes not going over there…without me…

The one…she looks wasted…we had been parting all night…:smiley: can’t ya see the rosy cheeks?

I was just about to say that.

I was searching for pics to do like a look-a-like comparison, but gave up, I have to stop spending so much time on pics in my posts. :bigsmile:

You could meat up with Kweku

I can’t see the rosy cheek but I see purple under your ripped shirt :smiley:

Then you both have to come over…I only have a small apartment, but I think it is big enough for the three of us… :wink:

I am still planning to go on a vacation to the USA…Florida and SF are high on my list…but you put another hotspot right up there…

Those rosey cheeks are soooo cute…now if she has an accent too, I am sold…

Flordia is not too far from where I am… and as for the 3-some sure …she joins in with me and my b’f too…we “play” well together :wink:

P.S. we both have the southern drawal…

:smiley: so you weren’t looking deep into my eyes???

Oh man, that’s it, I am definately going ©Pulp Fiction

You can make fun of my accent too…you would not be the first.

Why haven’t I seen you on IRC…so much more fun and more interactive…(I know you would spice up the channel for sure!)

Argghhh i’m gonna have to go to a chat program too…

lol hit me with the link…and i’m there

when me and the B’f was on the outs…i dated a guy from Vienna…loved his accent…so i’m sure yours is way cooler than his was

I always thought (or was that hoped…) that American girls liked the English accent best. :sad: :wink:

One thing is for sure. There may not be many of us girls on cdfreaks. But we can sure make a noise:D:D:D:D hehehehehehe :p:p:p
Not to mention getting the hearts pumping in our male members. :bigsmile:

my goddess :bow::bow::bow:

Words carefully chosen…no pun intended of course :wink:

How embarressing :o

confession…I like all accents …except for southerners…cause they sound like me…i’m just drawn to european accents…(but hey thats male AND female voices)

girlie…hes really concentrating on your posts…you better watch it or he will put on that :cop: and dance around with his badge showing… :iagree: