How many women are there on CDFreaks?

How many women are there on CDFreaks:

  1. allypuss,
  2. Norty69er
  3. Dee-27,
  4. kiddo,
  5. Kus_Emmy,
  6. Rockqueen_x,
  7. Blondie09,
  8. Sexy_Southerner,
  9. Kenshin’s daughter (we’ve seen more pics of her then off all other women together so she deserves a place :stuck_out_tongue: )

Did I miss a few??

You? :stuck_out_tongue:


Out of 102,000 members there has to be more than 9 of us :eek:
Maybe there are more, but they perhaps don’t post :slight_smile:
I know when i found cdfreaks, it took me a couple of weeks to join and pluck up the courage to actually post a message.

Perhaps more important is, how many single women are there on this forum :wink:

Not so much for myself, but more for certain other people in this forum :wink:

define single…
if single means NOT married…then i am…

but if single means living with someone…then i’m not single…

I think single in terms of not having a boyfriend/husband.

oh in that sense …i’m not single…i do have a boyfriend…

What a shame…
Women your age and looks are rarely single. Guess Tax has to look elsewhere…Dee-27 is married also…some others are way too young for him…perhaps the suggestion for mailorder brides wasn’t too bad an idea after all :bigsmile:

well I do have single friends…i might could hook him up…just hang on to the mail bride order form just a bit longer…
by the way did i tell ya they have great personalities?

Yep, bring your friends to CDFreaks. :iagree:

As you’ve seen I counted 9 women, of which 8 can post, here on CDFreaks (probably missed a few) so the more the merrier.

BWAHHHHHHH HAAAA HAAAA… maybe i should have said…they are computer illerate …they are …dancers and have no knowledge of computers what so ever…they call me the computer nerd…

How long does it take to learn them to:

  1. start their computer
  2. go online
  3. go to cdfreaks forums (make it their startingpage :wink: )
  4. hit the reply/start/quote button??

i’ve tired for a couple years to teach them how to use the net…but they can’t grasp the idea of www. com

learn them? learning is a behavior that takes many years if at all possible to learn something …I promise you …if they came here it would be purely for your amusment…

stupid questions like…what color is your cup holder on your compuer…(referring to the cd/ dvd drive…)

are these a couple of your freinds sexy_southerner

Show them CDFreaks. :iagree: :bigsmile:

Usually this scares me regarding their looks (ok, call me shallow)

This, however, brings back hope :wink:

In the land of blinds…

My wife’s been a member of CDFreaks for about 20 months and sometimes she did read many threads here. And before my wife, there had been some other female members mentioned on the Living Room.

My daughter’s birth does have a lot do with this very web place. All the encouragements and congratulations here and my own site helped the chance of her birth and staying with me greatly. CDFreaks was also the first place I ever mentioned my plan for marriage. Therefore, my daughter will soon learn to post here as well. :bigsmile: She already types on my lap sometimes when I’m on a messenger though too irregularly. She damaged some of my CD-R backup disks that I put on the floor for taking pictures (remember the Taiyo Yuden disks?) Today is also the first day I realized she got teeth!

maybe a picture is worth a thousand words… thats me and my girls…i’m in the hat…

:confused: That was worth clicking this thread for :bigsmile: :wink: