How many types of 'CDI'? One of them I couldn't make copy

Two days ago, I decided to backup some VCDs as they got much scratches due to mishandle. One of them I couldn’t copy its ‘CDI’ folder. :frowning: Inside the folder, there are 4 files;(1)rich text format(but icon appeared to be Microsoft word… :confused: ) (2)FNT (3) APP & (4) CFG.

Those I can copy over I found there are only 3 files inside their CDI folders; (1) VCD (2) DYV & (3) C8.

I attached the images here, not sure if you can see them.

I could not find anyone posted the solution about this matter.(properly someone did but I can’t find it.)

How many of the ‘types’ at CDI folder? How to copy such folder over?

Need advises… :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I post this thread at a right place. Perharps i should post it to the ‘Copy Protection Discussion Forum’… :confused:

I found a post at there;

Does this mean that I could just ignore the ‘Rich text file’ and not copy over my backup and the backup is able to play as normal? :confused:

I tried the disc on my cd-rom(I believe is AOpen) & my lite-on DVD burner 1633 but no luck. :sad:

Need extra opinion, anyone? :bow:

It’s rather strange to see no one seems to know what is ‘CDI’ file really does… :sad: Am I the only one encountered this problem?? :a


CDI is an Interactive Vcd, But that is the most I know along with the fact that it can store much more than just the video file. You should probably google for Interactive VCd for more info. If all you want to do is backup the CD, then Use IsoBuster and copy In Raw mode. What will be stored on you Pc will be a .iso/.bin file whcih you could extract at a later point of time to burn to another disc.

Hope this helps.

Hi unicorn23,

Thx for the advise. :slight_smile: I’ll try it on IsoBuster.

CDI is an Interactive Vcd.

Could I leave this file along? What is the impact on my backup? :rolleyes:


800 MB at the most. Don’t think that should hurt, should it.

Hope this helps.

I had a question…I downloaded this movie and it’s in .CDI file extension. The thing is I couldn’t open it…I tried real player…it doesn’t work. So I just want to ask what software can see .CDI files?