How many tracks would be OK?

Anybody know how many tracks is OK when burning a MP3 CD?

I’m getting a new CD/MP3 player for my truck and I’m wanting to fill up an entire 700 meg blank CD with music tracks.

So, if it runs into 40 or 50 tracks will the CD player be able to recognize and play all these tracks?

Only reason I’m asking is because I saw somewhere that some players will only recognize about 15 to 20 tracks.

I’m hoping that the newer players featuring MP3 playback will be able to recognize all tracks available on the CD it’s playing…such as the JVC CD/MP3 In-Dash Player (KDG220) from Circuit City.

Any thoughts?

With an Audio CD it’s a question of how many tracks you can fit because of the 80min limit. Hence the typical 15-20 max.

With MP3 tracks on an MP3 disk this time it’s an issue of size as to how many you fit on to a 700mb disk.

Most MP3 CD players would support multiple folders , maybe 99 per disk, with maybe 999 tracks per folder. I think that’s the limit for my DVD player so I used that as an example.

OK, that’s helpful…although I didn’t know you could put “folders” onto an MP3 CD and the player would be able to go inside the folder and play the tracks within.

I just noticed recently that I burned a CD of .WAV tracks and it was 211 megs…
Then, I converted those same tracks to MP3 and it was only 28 megs.

This means, I could put the same tracks on that same CD 7 times had I used MP3 format…and it made me change my mind about MP3 because it’s much more compact, making it much more efficient.

In the example of the wave files above, there were 10 tracks in that 211 megs…so in theory, I should be able to put 70 tracks on that same CD if I use MP3.

Would that work on today’s CD/MP3 car decks?
Seems like it would be more simple for me to just put the tracks on without using any folders.

It all depends on the compression of the mp3 tracks but typically I’d say that you can get in excess of 100 on a CD. A 3 min track at decent quality , say 192kbs, would be about 4mb so you could get 150 or so tracks per CD. Not bad really.

And I believe that most CD/MP3 players would handle folders OK. You’ll only waste 1 CD if it doesn’t work anyway.

KooL…I think this will work out better for me in the long run.

Plus, an added bonus is I will also save room on my hard drive and I’m in the process of backing up my entire CD collection onto my computer…where I back up all data to 5 different hard drives.

Kan’t be too safe with the data, you know :cool:

What are you ripping the CDs with?

I’d recommend Cdex , while other prefer Exact Audio Copy (EAC).

With Cdex if there’s no CD-TEXT on the CD it can look up on-line databases & get the track names & correctly tag the MP3 tracks so these’ll then display nicely of an MP3 player.

Exact Audio Copy…having the correct titles and labels aren’t an issue for me as I don’t use them in the first place.

I usually just stick the disc in and start listening. If I don’t like what’s playin’, I go to the next track.

Most of mine will be compilation discs anyway, so I’ll have a jewel case for each CD that lists the tracks in the order they show up on the discs.