How many tracks per DVD?

Hi, it’s been awhile since i’ve posted but was hoping someone could please help me understand how to add more than 12 tracks to a DVD?

I’m trying to save anime episodes to a DVD and CD using Nero 7, but can only get 3 to a CD and 12 to a DVD. Am I using the wrong application or do I need to convert them to another extention? They are in .avi now.

Also, it take 6 to 7 + hours to burn, hoping someone here might know how to lessen the amount of time?

the reason it takes so long is because the program has to change the format from avi to mpeg2. Faster would mean a reduction in quality, and we dont want that ;). as for getting more episodes onto disks, use nero to save the files to your hd, then transcode them into a smaller file. Of course this may mean a reduction in quality, but being converted from avi you should be ok.

how do i transcode them into a small file?

If you’re just trying to store them so you don’t need them on your computer, just tell Nero you want it to make you a Data DVD. If you want them to be playable in a standalone DVD player, then you’re just gonna have to deal with the time it takes to convert.

thx you

“tracks onto a DVD” For what should that be??

You maybe mean episodes or files…