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Hi there

Just a quick ? about RW discs. I have some by a company called Arita - I havent found out all the serials etc.

I have one problem with them - the first burn of a DVD I did was perfect and I was amazed. I only got my writer last week, a cheap Samsung TS H552U. After erasing and re-writing the same disc I found that it freezes or plays with blocking on the Pioneer Dv-344 player I have - I have tried full erase and quick erase.

I have used DVD X Copy Platinum but I cant control burn speed and now I have DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. The copy I made on DVD Shrink gave a burn fail error but the DVD works on PC and with blocking on Pioneer. It freezes in some places :frowning:

How can I overcome this problem - can I get a re-written DVD to play in a stand alone Pioneer?


mark sure that u fully re format your disc before you re burn on it
dont quick re format it
make sure u wait and fully re-format it


Thank dude.

Yep I already did that. Still has probs on the Pioneer…:frowning:


sounds like maybe a bad media-quality, or too high burn speed.

@ what speed do you burn your disc?
did you scan the disc after burning?

btw: does you standalone device officially support dvd rw-playback?

so, for the next try, do a full re-format of the disc and try to burn the disc @ lower speed for a better writing quality…


Yep Pioneer supports that media. The last burn after a full erase of the disc was at 2.4x…still is blocky and freezing on player but no probs at all in PC player.
Cheers Razor.


it may be the file your recording soemthing corrupt or it needs to be a differnt format
thats about the onyl other suggestion i got
use winavi to convert your files just search for it in google

  1. update firmware if new version is available

  2. rw dvds are formatted as they are burned, so no need to full format [rw dvds and cds will live longer if quick erased only]

  3. dvd shrink has a well known “bug” . . . when saving dvd as ISO it can place ifo and bup files too close in the dvd layout. this can cause the exact issue you have. instead, try saving to hard drive aand burning with latest Nero or whatever app you have.

  4. if you still suspect the media, try another dvd brand, or disc from same batch that is virgin.


Cheers mate.
I have just used up 1 1/2 h using DVD shrink. Following analysis and compression quality settings etc. Perfect copy once again 4 my PC player…no joy 4 stand alone.

I will give some new media a try. Thanks for the advice.


It could also be that your standalone player doesn’t like this particular rw media. I would suggest that you try another brand, and then try a +r or -r, whichever your standalone will play, and burn the same file to both the new rw, and to the r media and see if a pattern emerges…


Thats kick ass … thanks.

Anyway, I have had successful burning. I went and bought some dvd-r and dvd+r. I used dvd+r with DVD X Copy platinum. I must admit I really like this program as it is so quick, but found that about half way through the movie some blocking occured and froze the Pioneer DV-344. This only affected 2 chapters though as the rest of the disc was fine. I think that maybe it burns too fast, although I’m not sure.

I then re-tried still using the DVD+R’s with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. I did and ISO with Decrypter then compressed with Shrink. Works fine - no probs at all. My only moan being that Shrink is very slow to encode (about 45-50mins) and burn (about 20-25mins). Also I think I wont bother with menus and extras in the future as it affects the picture quality due to extra compression needs.

Havent tried the DVD-R’s but I like the DVD+R’s I have which are 8x capable.