How many times has your Xbox 360 broken?

A friend of mine is selling his X-Box, and I might buy it. However, on the Internet I read a lot of stories that the X-box dies very soon.

I was wondering if anyone has some experience with this? How many times did your X-box brake, and what did you do? Or is yours OK and is it just made up by M$ haters?

Hope you guys can tell me more :cool::bow:

If its 360s your talking about I am one my 3rd now. 1st we tried to repair but mistakes were made and the less said the better. 2nd one lasted about 2 years then got 3 red lights and we fixed it by replacing the x-clamps with bolts which fixed the 360 for about 6 months then it got 3 red lights again. We are on owe 3rd 360 now.

If your talking about the original xbox they are alot more robust, mine lasted for years before it stopped working but we replaced it with a 2nd hand box.

My 360 console bought soon after the launched date died (3RROD) 6 times. The later ones has been more robust and has yet to suffer from the same fate.

also i think ill add… avoid Hitachi drives in general in your XBox360 as there generally considered junk by most of the experts i talk to plus if you want to mod your system… the Hitachi drives are easier to brick (i.e. permanently kill) vs the other drives like Samsung/BenQ/Liteon which i have moded all three of those and there pretty easy. i never moded a Hitachi before myself though.

to sum it up the best drives are…

1.Liteon (with a close 2nd to…
2.BenQ (in general… if you buying a replacement drive for your XBox360, this is the one to get)

3.Samsung (i have a Samsung MS28 myself)

4.Hitachi v78/v79

(big gap here)
5.all other Hitachi’s

360 Drive Models - … that’s a simple way to tell the basic drive model you got in your XBox360 without opening the case as all it requires is removing the face plate (which simply just snaps off) and looking inside a hole for the wire color etc… pretty easy :wink:

but anyways back on topic… i had my current XBox360 (which i got used) since April 2007 and it’s not RRoD yet but i been using a Nyko Intercooler EX on it pretty much as soon as i got it and it keeps the side of the XBox360 case noticeably cooler to the touch so i would assume it must be helping the system in the long run but there is no proof that it does and some people claim there bad for the system etc etc… either way avoid the early model ones (i.e. the ones that come in the plastic box vs the cardboard) as they actually have melted to the system etc etc (there is pics online of this happening if you look around)

but i do notice my system has a small glitch (which it’s been doing since the day i bought it) … when the system is cold (like been sitting for hours to where it’s completely cool) and i first power it on, nothing will display on the tv at all but usually if i power it back off (after leaving it on for about 20seconds or so) then turn it back on it works and once it works it’s been quite stable as i rarely get freezes in games and the system’s been pretty good on the whole… so it must be something to do with HEAT that makes it work

p.s. i totally agree with Jedi Master Yoda as the original XBox’s where much more reliable in general and had a much much lower failure rate, especially as far as major system failure. the XBox360 is just a flawed design and most likely wont be properly fixed in the life cycle of the system. so lets hope the generation of consoles from Microsoft will be more reliable like how the XBox1’s where.

I have a 4 year old Xbox 360 that never had any problems. Just make sure you put it somewhere cold like a basement. And don’t play with it more than 3 hours a day I think.

Two too many :doh:

It’s well ventilated or more to the point was, but I guess its just bad implementation of components. Where were they tested? …in igloos …perhaps a hit with civilised Eskimos, embracing electro lux - satire :bigsmile:

Mine has lasted quite a while actually. I purchased mine used for a great price and that was over two years ago. I have heard that the elite holds up a little better. Hope its true!

The older versons have a problem with cooling, and that is what usually leads to the 3-led death. The new ones have a little bit more sophisticated cooling. The 3-led problem can be repaired in some cases.