How many times do you

give to charity?

I try to give away any old but still useable clothes.

I generally don’t give to beggers but will try to give to worth-wild charities.

Who will you give to and what?

every year (which happens to be next weekend) we have a Celibration Village is a shopping event held to support the Sanctuary Hospice House …this is very near and dear to my heart…i get most of my christmas presents bought during the weekend and 100 percent goes to the house…(for those who don’t remember…my dad had cancer and was the first man to get to stay there…those people are just angels …they took care of my father and my whole family…my dad had 7 brothers and 3 sisters…who all at one time or another or like myself stayed there round the clock…)
oh yeah and i give donations to the Cancer Society …and do the Susan G Komen 5K run (which was this morning)

and most of the time…i donate to certian charities when someone passes.

I give away everything when I am no longer using it. Clothes, PC’s, electronic equipment, books, cars.

How many times do you ask a woman for a date…? :confused:

Same here
Havent given a Car away only have 1 , Drive my car till its ready to srap.
dont have lots of hard cash to give away ,but Do lots of Volantry work.