How many times do you bathe a day?

that kind of talk makes us men look stupid…ty lol

hey, how long does it take for you guys to take a shower or bath?

hey, how long does it take for you guys to take a shower or bath?

approx 10mins

between 5 and 20 minutes depends on how much time i have

from getting out of the bed until "ready to go (to work :Z :wink: ) it takes me nearly exactly 15 minutes every morning…

when i shower before i go to work…i always have a hardtime to stay awake under a hot shower…lol

Bath in the Morning and shower before bed after a hard days work. I love water.

hey Razor1982, where did you get that picture, its pleasantly distracting :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? You have a handsome wife :slight_smile:

Once a day in most situations. Sometimes twice… when I’m dirty :slight_smile:

Its because we are. There is no sense denying it because it is endemic to all men. That is one of the reasons women always have the upper hand.

Ever thought …he wasn’t showering alone…now did ya…he likes an uneven number of people in the shower… you know 1-3-5-7-9 :smiley:

Once a day, twice if muscles need relaxed or I’m particularly sweaty that day or going out that night. I wash my hair every day, it don’t sit right if I don’t wash it every time I take a shower - I can’t just wet it down and be done with it. I have Ben Affleck hair… sigh - that always messed up but kind of neat look. lol

Depends on the weather, my schedule and lot of other things but once a day at least.

! usally ake a bath 1 time a day durin skoolz in the mournin and on th3 w33kend @ N!ght

There is no reason why we can’t add an odor synthesizer with every computer and send the data on the Internet. That way we can tell who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Think of the possibilities for the porn industry.

please don’t go there…think of the raunchy porn sites…*shutters *

Raunchy? Where, where, where?

Nothing wrong with raunchy p0rn. :slight_smile:

Once a day… in the summer more…

once a day mostly