How many times do you bathe a day?

Gate…i would help ya out there…but…im already sharing my shower with jamos and cerb…so in a way i’m doing my part for conserving water…

I dislike sitting in dirty water also dislike public hot-tubs. Most of the hotels hot-tubs are very nasty and not taken care of very good. I shower once a day with or without my wife :wink: twice if we go out in the evening.

If you can’t be a direct participant then perhaps, again for the good of humanity, you could send two others in your place.

well you could come over and shower with me and Tracy anytime… of course thats only an option after HOURS and HOURS of massive…sex with the both of us…

I think I just died and went to heaven.

Offer accepted!

once a year i think. I dont shower much either, specially during vacations and winter where i dont sweat a lot. Just trying to save some money on the utility bill, hehehe

Where do you live? In Michael Jackson land where no one has a nose?

no, i live in san francisco. Weather is awsome man :iagree: I just put on some fresh clothing, that would cover up the stench :bigsmile:

oh, how often do you guys wash your hair?

easy123…thanks for yet another reason I marked San Fran off my list of places to visit before i die…the smell must be rancid…

wow, i cant believe you wouldnt come here because of me! I dont know what to say! :bigsmile:

im in love by dr Ruth :wink:


You must mean the original one and she is 95 years old. She could probably give you good directions but that is about all.

SF is great. I love Northbeach. You just need someone to show you the right places. There are enough hills that will block the downwind smell.

lol, do you think anyone will have a stench that strong? Even the hobos who never shower or bath doesnt smell bad if you stay 10 feet away from them. :smiley:

he is …referring to my title…

if you came to chat you would know this…

had a bad time in San Fran on my way to LAX… :confused:

You wouldn’t have to even be that far away if you had a sinus condition. So the chamber of commerce could advertise SF as the place for Sinus Suffers.

of course thats only an option after HOURS and HOURS

2 x 5minutes = not hours lol

Speak for yourself.

I don’t mean to boast, but I will. Hours and Hours is right!