How many times do you bathe a day?



I bathe twice daily usually. I would bathe once if I’m either terribly tired or busy.

How about you?


Wash every day, but have a bath once a week.


Shower once a day at night…SS can join me if she wants :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyday before go to university


Shower at least daily, often twice in the summer.
Any French on here :wink:


Cold shower every day of the year, and three to five times a day in hot humid Summer days. It’s Downunder weather here, mate.


2 a day.

i make mine your words :p:bigsmile:


Shower once a day. Very rarely dont have one (if have been on holiday and arrive late or am staying at somebody elses house).

Ben :slight_smile:


Bath twice a day, in the morning and in the evening/at night.


Hot water shower every morning before office :slight_smile:


Depends on the weather and what I’m doing. Usually 1x a day


Typically 2X a day. One in the morning before school, and one in the evening before work. Every now and then, another one for the heck of it.


1-2 times a day.


A quick wash in the morning, and a shower every evening. :slight_smile:


Once a day in the AM. Again at night if it’s sex night. Sometimes zero on a weekend day, unless it’s sex night. :wink:


Once every couple of months. :stuck_out_tongue:

Normally once aday. Again if I am going out.


i usually shower in the am…and soak in the tub in the evening…looks like i will be showering with Jamos and Cerb …so that would be a total of…4 times a day!


none…i only shower once a day…well i can’t remember the day i actually had a bath…


When I lived in a nudist camp in the summer showered before getting in the pool or hot tub. That was about 8 to 10 times a day. Now in the am and again at night.


Joke/Do you wait for notification from the health facilities or from the people who live downwind of you? /joke

I used to work with a software engineer who was perhaps the best software engineer I have met. Unfortunately standing downwind of him was impossible.

I normally shower twice a day. But I am an environmentalist and I am becoming concerned that in the future there will be incredible water shortages. I believe that we must save water now. So I am looking for two female volunteers to shower with me for the good of humanity. It would be an altruistic endeavor on their part and sheer fun for me. :iagree: