How many times can I reflash my firmware?

A while ago I was playing with my Lite-On 451S, changing its firmware back and forth several times per sitting, which included the hacked 8xx series firmwares. Basically I was trying x brand DVD+RW with y firmware’s writing strategy, being read back with z firmware.
Anyways, I was wondering how many reflashes the drive’s non-volatile memory can handle before it fails?

Here’s a thread on another forum: How many times do you estimate you can flash a liteon?

Thanks for the link!

I meant this to be for optical drives in general and for recent Lite-On drives in specific, I apologize if I wasn’t too clear on that.

Well then, here’s a thread about optical drives in general, not specifically Liteon drives: Any Limitation on # of times a drive can be Flashed ??

4,156.3 times. :wink:

I think it would also vary from drive to drive. Under KP2’s “Drive Info”, you will see the kind of flash chip used for your drive’s firmware. Given that information, you can then look up the specs for that chip. LiteOn uses a number of different chips from different manufacturers to use as memory to hold the firmware. The flash chip has been known to vary from drive unit to drive unit even within the same model. TDB quotes a number for the SST chips. My 451S has a MXIC chip. My 48161H uses a Winbond chip… etc.