How many threads have you subscribed to

Yes another poll that is :stuck_out_tongue:

I just subscribed to a thread and this came to mind. This one here is number 2006 - what about you?

Um… thruought my modelating career, 0… :o

come on … just click on a thread, go to thread tools, clcik subscribe and it will tell you how many threads you are subscribed to… its easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm… still unfamiliar to the thread subscription feature. South Korean forums don’t have such a feature at all.

Yeah and get your mailbox flooded with annoying email

lol, i have it enabled by default in vbull so i get a notifocation mail whenever a thread i posted has been updated.

I thought everybody would be doing this - how else can you keep track of all threads you are subscribed to, in different fora?

970 :flower:

:bow: brains :bow:

i don’t subscribe…I come here enough with underwear on my head!

LOL, true that’s the other way one can do it :slight_smile:

yeah like you have Womble’s massive brain :disagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly! I subscribed to about 4 a couple of years ago and my mailbox got hammered.

mmmm pizza! :smiley:

Using Outlook and arranging all mails by “from” never gives me a problem even if i get 500 (which is rather 30/day) mails from CDF, or any other fora for what its worth, since they are all nicely grouped together. Plus the size of any notification mail is less than 4kb, i dont really get what the problem is … erm … whatever :slight_smile: