How many thingummybobs in a hawzamadooit?

It’s about time the world come to a consensus on this.

How many thingummybobs are in a hawzamadooit?

I reckon about 13.
My father says approximately one and a half.
My brother says 32.
My mum tells me about 50.
My little says (who knows everything, by the way) says it’s 21.

How many is it?

I say about 15, but it could be 11,245, i just can’t make up my mind :smiley:

Don’t get all philosophical :iagree:

Do the hawzamadooit need feeding? If not, 10

I suspect hawzamadooit’s are self-sustaining, but I’m not sure, that’s why I asked :wink:

I thought only the small ones were … so I say 17.

Ehhhhh :eek: :confused:?

If you use a kerwufflesnapper then you can fit 42 in. Crushes them down into a nice paste :slight_smile:

69 of course (my favorite number):stuck_out_tongue:

It gotta be 9/pi.



Airhead has spoken. We assume and will take his word.:iagree:

It can only be 42 as 42 is the answer to question.


… hehe … what are you talking about :confused: … any links or pictures possible ??

It’s got to be 0, the cd freaks members ate them all…