How many songs



should a cd be able to hold if it says 700MB on the disc?


1 if it is a very long song and no more than 99 since this is the max number of tracks allowed on any CD if you are making a standard audio CD.

More info needed to give a proper answer.


depends on if you are converting the songs to audio cd or just making a data disc with mp3 files.

typically id say:

audio cd - around 20

mp3 cd - it really varies by the bitrate of the mp3 file, the higher the bitrate the higher the quality of the song. id say if you get 150 - 200 your good


Audio CD, 80 minutes. Just like it says on the label. MP3 CD, YMMV (depends on bitrate).


If you use Burrrn as I suggested, it’ll add up the time used as you add files :slight_smile:


As troy stated, if it’s mp3 and the bitrate is around 192 then you are looking at about a 160 songs.

If you are going to a cda format then you are looking 15 to 22 songs.