How many "sheep" is your 1620?

I have a DW1620-OC1. OC-FREAK in his review suggests that the 1620 is a one-sheep burner. I cannot replicate that on my drive with B7L9 firmware. I am hoping that it is just the firmware - I can’t see that different revs of the drive would be that different internally, since they are all using the same chipset.

If any of you have done, or could do the sheep test, it would be nice to get some statistics on this.

Start by giving a link :wink:

here’s your linky.

my 1620 july with b7l9 didn’t have any problem copying the sheep3.dat file back to hd

I just can’t reproduce those results at all. I now have B7M9. I can’t get even sdold.dat to copy back from a CD written with a DW1620 when read from any of my drives (I have a Liteon HD166S DVD reader, a Liteon LTR12101B CD-RW, and my DW1620). When I try and copy back any of the sheep test files, explorer hangs.

Am I doing something wrong? I am using Nero to write the CD. It is a multi-session XA mode 1 written in TAO.

Can anyone offer any suggestions?