How many sex partners?

How many people have you had sex with in your life? I’m at around 12 or so.

where I’m sure of: 19
could be 2-4 more but I honestley couldn’t remember when I woke up what I exactly did to her or she to me :eek:

and since more than 3 years only with one… :wink: damn, i’m doing wrong in my young age (22)… :stuck_out_tongue:

2 or 3. 2 for sure, not sure about the other one because we used to spend a lot of time together but never had a sex actually. (Fear of losing virginity thing, getting pregnanet, and being a Christian, etc.)

Hm… but I guess you meant “sex partners” so I should have said 0.

This sounds bad but it’s around 38 ish :eek: and i’m only 34


3 for me 7years hubby 16 years previous boyfriend and nearly 3 years with current

Enough that I’ve been happy with my love life over the years, but not so many that I’m a man-whore.

Then how did your daughter come about? Immaculate Conception? Or did a stork deliver her? :stuck_out_tongue:

mmmmm about 20 i think just to good looking to not get laided :wink:

Does that question also apply to the amount of hands / fingers I have? Oh yeah I also forgot about my own mouth when it comes to self pleasure.

l0l j/k. I’m on 6 and am quite ashamed that I haven’t been working to accomplish my life long dream… Becoming a man-whore.

A few too many :stuck_out_tongue:

Less than I can count on one hand … U know, the whole religious/morals thing is a real downer for an active sex life.

so’s the fear of STDs…not as many as i’d like but enough to be ok with it.


not that i’m a whore…but…that should be a private matter to be discussed with your partner not on a web forum…



Nobody said you had to answer it… It was just a question…

Me, 1 :o

hee hee…well …i just wonder if i should only count the men…and of those just the ones that were worth remembering…and should i count each time i was with the same one…does that count multiple times…

but…i’ve had a few…:slight_smile:

I’m not gonna even say. :o

i’m european so naturally my mother tought me not to be a ho. I’m still a virgin
muahahahahahaha hahahaha no j/k only had a few + 2 + 1

About 6 could have been more, but an one-night stand is not my kinda thingy’.

It’s Ok, we don’t expect women to answer it anyway …
Everyone knows that women will tell us how many boyfriends you’ve had anyway, not how mnay people you’ve really slept with … You’ won’t count the cute italian guy that you rooted on holiday … or the mexican cable guy …

International dicks don’t count … only domestic dicks :wink:

Guys usually tell everyone how many women they’ve slept with … plus a few extra’s :wink: