How many posts?

What is the actual number of posts needed for member status? Any moderators that know their stuff that can gimme an answer?

Member status is granted automatically when you have posted 100 posts.
(which could also be read in the following post: at the bottom, where Mattel007 gave the latest info)

Am no moderator, just knew the answer


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Like does it realy matter!!! i think not junior member, member, its all the same, its the quality of the posts that count not the number,
maybe like doing away with the number of postings that a person had made which happend some time ago, we should also do away with member, junior member, or whatever,
and just stick with our nicknames, Moderators naturaly should still be shown for what they are.

Just my view on the subject and of course possably another notch in my posting number.

PhOenix: actually, you can still see how many posts someone has by clicking the info button above their post.

Squage:- I stand corrected…