How many Plextor PX 760 drives do u own?

Hi everyone,
I was wondering how many Plextor PX 760 drives do u guys own?
Is PX 760 the premium series and the best of all?
I bought one 3 weeks ago and I am very satisfied, should I buy another one?


I got two, after rebates & coupons it was pretty cheap. but I prefer my liteon 20a1h and my benq dw165x’s :iagree:

I own a 760A and a 760SA.


I own none; mediocre 18x speed is not important to me. I am happy with my PX-755SA. I also have a PX-716A in an older rig that still gets some use.

I have a PX-750, and a PX-760.
(and probably getting a LiteOn 20a1h)

I own one (760SA) and very happy with it. Fastest dual layer rom reader, excellent scanner, very good at 8x and 12x. That’s more than enough for me, plus it supports overburn.

I never do 18x and 20x for my daily use. Only for testing and benchmarking. :wink:

Just one 760SA here too. I can get the 760A retail for €69,95 - but I’m not buying any more PATA drives :disagree: . The 755A bulk is only €39,- at :eek: .

I have two :bigsmile:


Has 760 better writing quality than 755?Noone can answer that question???

@ doxaios. Check this thread

There are still minor differences between 755 and 760. Practical writing quality should be very close.

I have one 760SA. I am happy with it! :flower:

I own just one 760A (IDE). Its a nice drive, and has some nice features and has exceptional qualtiy, but i think there are better burners out there right now. although i have it setup in this rig, its not really used for burning anymore, only reading stuff. :bigsmile:

Could you tell me one better burner???

One 760 and one 755: VERY VERY HAPPY with BOTH!!!

I have one here at work. I plan to get another since my 716AL just died recently.

1 :slight_smile:

I have two 760A burners.

one for the moment, used mainly for overburning.