How many Plextor PX-716's does it take to get a good one?

8? So far I have had to make 7 exchanges @ BB. Hope this is it! I want this drive!
I curious to see if others have had any similar experinces or if it was just my bad luck.

I have just one and it is working perfectly (6 speed on DVDR-DL:))

TLA 0202, last exchanged at bestbuy January 2005.

I have a Plextor 716-a from BB and no problems at all. (m.i.j.) TLA 0203

3 as well, but in looking back the first one worked well and just wrote higher than average PIE’s and I am pretty fussy about that. The second didn’t work at all! Third one works great. Also returned a BenQ 1620 OEM and a Lite On 1633S this year!

2 – yet. Still working on the cd burning issue.

I was three also. In fact, the average seems to be three :wink: (Wow, that Rule of Three seems to work! :bigsmile: )

These are with RMA’s 'tho, not store exchanges like what you’re doing.

Can you pick which one? Try to get ones with the newer hardware revision - They will (hopefully) be more robust…! You are very unlucky with your 7-8 :wink:

2 I had TLA:0000 and RMA’ed it and got TLA:0101 now with 1.06 fw on it I guess making it a TLA:0106 anyway I have not had any problems with 01 unit, the 00 was ok too really but had much higher pie scans on disks faster then 8x and it was pretty clear the 00 units had real problems.

At least 3 for me–I’m on my second one at home right now and it won’t burn CDs above 16X (recent discovery). I hope the good one that I got on the first try at work doesn’t figure into my stats, or I’ll have to replace this one at least two more times!

Just bought a 2nd 716 works well, like my first one!
Both are TLA 0203.
No RMAs!

both of my original purchases are just fine. TLA 0101 (mfg Nov '04) & TLA 0202 (mfg Nov '04)…first purchased weekend after Turkey Day, second purchased weekend before New Years.

@jamescooley1 - are you sure it’s Made in Japan? i’ve only seen China-made ones.

i have bought a TLA 0203; defective; my new one; a TLA 0304 received only 2 days after emailing plextor (europe) is working great.
and i still have the defective one; plextor don’t reclaime it (!)

I’m waiting for my 4th to come in the mail. Hopefully, this one will be my last. The first two came from BestBuy and the last one came from an online retailer for $77 dollars after rebates. The price was right, and it burned DVDs very well, but it just wouldn’t burn CDs. I hope once my new one comes that it will be my last.

I read this board daily. When the consensus was that the TLA 0203 was a winner…I went out and purchased. I got a great drive first shot out…TLA 0203, now with firmware 1.06. Great burns…no issues. As a matter of fact…it rivals my NEC ND-3500A for 16X single layer burns and beats the NEC in quality for dual layer. This drive is a winner!


I’ve been through 7 from Best Buy. The one I now have is the one that was my first drive’s RMA from Plextor America. It was a TLA#0101. It’s the only one that’s been half decent. On a lot of media, my BenQ 1620A and NEC 3520A burn better disks at higher speeds.


I went through eveything in my system. Cables, Power supply, Bios settings, media, software, you name, I tried it. I may have killed the 4th one by accidently having the plextor selected when I tried an EEprom reset on the Litey as a slave but it was still not as good as this one is now. This drive did not like INCD or Drag to Disk, but the Litey does not seem to care. Again my thumbs up for BB customer service. They seem to get a bad rap alot but they really pleased me this time. No, I don’t work for them!

We used to be able to trust ‘the king of burning’ - it seems Plextor has well and truly lost it’s way in quality stakes.

Hi all,
First I bought a 0203,hand a prob. bought it back to BB. The next,a 0203 works fine. So,…I bought another,0304. It works fine!! Now that I’ve been reading posts here I’ve learned the media was the problem. I am very happy with my 716a’s. :bigsmile:

@Vcas. I believe you hit that on the nose as a lot of people think this drive (because of the price they paid) should turn crappy media into golden scans, as the saying goes “It’s hard to make Honey out of Dog Sh1t”! No matter what drive you have.:wink:

I use grade A, quality media and still my other 2 drives produce better scans pipo and jitter-wise. On so-called “crappy media”, my other 2 drives burn better at higher speeds. The Plextor works fine at 8X and 12X with quality media, sometimes, but at high speeds, there’s always way higher pie levels than the other 2 drives. This is supposed to be a 16X drve, right? I’ve bought Plextor drives since the early 90’s and I’ve never had to take one back until the 716A. I’ve had 7 now. I just want Plextor to be tops so bad that I kept trying until I was scared to try any more. Maybe Best Buy just beats the hell out of their shipments, I don’t know. I can see maybe 1 out of 100 being bad, but 7 in a row? Come on . . .