How many people here had their 716A/SA fail around a year's time?



Mine has already failed to write at 16x for DVD±R, 8x DVD+RW and cannot read some CDs. All this happened around 12 1/2 months just after the warranty expired =(


Just to keep it fair, I added an extra option to the poll (the bottom one). :wink:


No problems so far. With 1.09 it works really, really well!


I agree with Arrow. No problems so far…


neither of mine has given me any problems over the last 18 months.


I have also had problems. Less than 6 months of owning a 716-A, it failed to read ANY disc. I contacted Plextor and did an RMA. To my suprise, today (just now infact) less than 2 weeks from requesting the RMA and sending in my “bad” 716-A I received my replacement drive. Instead of sending me a refurbished 716-A they sent me a NEW retail 760-A as a replacement with no additional cost to me. I suggest to anyone having problems, initiate the RMA and Plextor will stand behind their product.


I never shoul open mine…

At this time i could have a new 760 :bigsmile:

1- Vibrations problems.

2- Couldn`t work

But i did fix it! ( Don`t ask me how :smiley: )

But works like a Rollys :flower:


I must preface my vote of “still going after 1 year” (13 mos. to be exact) is that I only use mine for reading/ripping, and have not used it for burning, as I feel my BenQ 1640 does a much better job, and has better write strats due to consistent f/w updates. Of course, that’s just me, but then again, since $$$ is a premium with me, and had I been able to more fully research the 716a’s potential problems before buying, I would have taken my chances with a BenQ 1620 or Liteon 1693, saved the money, and probably been just as happy or more so. Again, I preface all this with “that’s just me.” :stuck_out_tongue:



I love my Benq 1640, but i think, in the records of -R, for instance, the Plextor does a litle better the job…

Sorry the offtopic.



have had mine almost two years, still going strong. never had a problem with it.


Don’t know how old my PX-716UF is but it’s more than 1 year, for sure. It’s still working fine and I use it a lot (but mainly at 8X only).


PX-716UF —> Usb, Firewire External DVD Burner.
I too have a plextor px-716UF and after about 1 year approx. it took a dump on me. :sad: it won’t read any discs CD or DVD and of course it won’t write discs either. I read somewhere else that plextor is known for these type of problems. Not sure if thats really true, but I tend to believe it. I took perfect care of my drive and now all its good for is pissing me off when I need to burn a disc.
ANYWAY what are the chances of actually fixing a component like this?


ohh i forgot to mention that when any disc is inserted, the light goes yellow/orange for few seconds and then it starts flashing on and off in green. Also I don’t hear the motor spinning noise like I use to when discs were inserted.


Mine’s still going but the error rate has picked up noticably.

Curiously, it seems to be a problem with the read pickup, because burned disks have scarily high errors but if I stick them in my 106S or my brother’s LiteOn the error rates are like… 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m tempted to get a 760A, but until someone releases a region-hack that also disables the silly hardware locks I’m rather less tempted. (With the hardware locks, I may as well buy like, an NEC or a LG or something since there is no PlexTools for Linux!)


Well, that would explain a lot. If the 716A turns sour as a reader, its Autostrategy and ProwerRec base decisions on faulty data. The drive interprets the burn much worse than it really turns out and tries to take (inappropriate) counter measures. No wonder it slows down so frequently during burn.


Edit: Just to illustrate my point: Is this a bad burn? Or a bad reader? Both scans are made of the same disk, one with a 716A, one with a 712A. A third scan is done with the 755A.


I’d argue that a really good burn produces low errors even on a bad reader. At least in theory a burn that is conform with the standards should be readable in any drive. However AFAIK there are no standards that say how good a reader must be in the sense of a minimum requirement. This is completely at the discretion of the manufacturer (i.e. money spent). And in consequence we all know there are readers out there that have trouble even reading conform media (pressed or burned). Especially cheap standalone players come to mind. Since consumer drives are therefore not all of a certain reading quality (calibrated) different scanning results occur.


I had three fail within the first year. The reason the last one isn’t failing…I put it in another of my machines and it doesn’t get much use.



Those grabs are exactly the sort of things I’m finding!
I’m pretty sure it’s the 716A that’s the culprit here.

I usually burn at the lower speeds so autostrategy et al doesn’t actually do anything with my burns (AS etc. only really have a noticable effect if you burn at the high speeds),


Congrats to the people whose 716A/SA are still running. Me and my neighbor’s 716A started having problems within 10 months time and now it’s on the brink of failing because it can’t burn anything at 16x and 12x is starting to become a problem mainly cause it’s creating coasters with Verbatim 8x DVD+R media while the 760A burns them flawlessly.

I have a feeling that the 760A is going to be a strong drive.

I can also relate to Ux-3 explaination of having a bad reader beacuse scanning the same disc on 2 different drives did return different results; the 760A scan had less error rates than the 716A.


When comparing scans of the same disc done with my neighbours 712 to those of 716 the 716 always shows higher PI/PO values.