How many people are on your ignore list?

Just wondered how many people actually use the “ignore” feature here.
I have never added anybody to my ignore list.

Ben :slight_smile:

Who said that??? :stuck_out_tongue:

No poll. Or am I to quick.

15 so far. It’s also not decent to name whom one added on one’s Ignore List.

I decided not to make this vote public for that reason, I am just interested to see if people use it often.

@Womble, you are to quick :wink:

on icq i have a about 10
msn i have about 20
here 0

I often had to remove or refuse hundreds of people on MSN at once because of the 150 limit per ID. I have about 10 MSN accounts but only use one at this time. Too easy to get spammed on MSN and ICQ.

I ignore everyone who doesn’t post in the Living Room.


Zero here on the forums


icq 1
here none

I have no one on my ignore list…yet!

None…and never will do on a forum such as this…those that are “worthy” of being ignored should be banned by the mods anyway!


I agree with you, if you dont like a thread, dont read it. I guess that up to you if you should be part of a thread or not.

What is this thread about? I can see noone :wink:

There is an ignore list? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tax doesnt ignore, he bans :iagree:

Mmmmm…all that power! :bigsmile:

On here, no one. On MSN, I have one person blocked - a former friend who has turned psycho stalker on me. :frowning: